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Walnut Farmland Investment


Walnut farming is well established in Turkey, especially in Manisa province because it has the perfect ecological conditions needed by the Walnut.

Due to the great income benefit, a walnut orchard investment has become a very popular agricultural investment as part of a farm land investment portfolio.


The quality assurance for our esteemed investors is assured by the combination of our expertise and the state of the art and modern nurseries since we produce our own quality seedlings.

Why Invest with Agrolidya?
  • check 100% Freehold title deed
  • check No management fee untill first harvest
  • check Easy payment terms
  • check Best price guarantee for the product
  • check Process follow-up with expert team
Investing for the good of the environment with a high yield and profit.
A land investment that you own with a value that is increasing every year.
Easy payment terms (%50 prepayment and up to 18 monthly instalments).
The investor receives a title deed with 100% of the share belonging to them.
A Professional team that takes care of everything on your behalf.
A highly efficient product that increases in value every year.
A long shelf-life product which is very easy to store.
Why Invest in Farmlands? We are very aware of how valuable human life is, plus all the potential problems in the future. That is why we are working shoulder to shoulder with our Investors.
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Fixed Asset check signal check check
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We will work together to achieve a competitive, technological and sustainable growth model in the production of Olives, Walnuts, Almonds and Pistachios. All of these agricultural produce are healthy, tasty and rich in the vitamins and minerals that are vital for human health. These are the most valuable agricultural products to provide high income.
Secure and stable HIGH ROI Secure and stable HIGH ROI
Income for whole your life Income for whole your life
Healthy and valuable product Healthy and valuable product
Heritage to the future Heritage to the future
Why Walnut Investment?

We will manage your valued agricultural Investments, through the centennial experience, which we have gained from our ancestors in the agricultural sector. 
The journey starts by ensuring we choose ‘the right product for the right land’.

Then the meticulous process of land cultivation, planting, maintaining your product and harvesting follow. We are very fortunate to be in Manisa, as it has the most fertile lands in Anatolia.
Our aim is to ‘provide your harvest’ from ‘perfect orchards’ as soon as possible.


When you invest in Walnut orchards, you will have 100% ownership, thereby creating your legacy for future generations of your family. 
The investment yield will increase over years and you will start to generate an income from year 4.

From the 8th year, which is the maximum yield time, you will make a profit of up to 25% per annum from your investment. Benefit from superb Management and Maintenance with Agrolidyas Professional Garden Maintenance Services. 

The very high standard of service provided for your investment include

All procedures/work required for the land preparation.


35 Chandler Walnut saplings per 1000 square meters, with the planting distance of 7m*4m.


The drilling or water source requirement for the land.


Modern drip irrigation system.


Installation of power supply or solar panel.


Secure wire fencing to prevent entry to your land.


Professional maintenance service, (including electricity, fertilizer and personal expenses).

  • When You Invest In Walnut Orchards, You Will Receive The Best Management Available. 
  • The Management and Maintenance of the Walnut Orchard is provided by Agrolidya's Professional Garden Maintenance Service’.
  • There will be no Maintenance Fee on your land until the first harvest year.
  • In addition, we will deduct 30% of the total harvest crop as a service fee.
How Does The System Work?

The investor receives full title deeds with 100% of the share belonging to him/her.

All relevant services offered to the investor, including legal transactions, are provided by Agrolidya.

Almond, Pistachio, Walnut or Olive seedlings suitable for the region are planted during the most beneficial planting period.

During the cultivation, all tasks (tillage, irrigation, maintenance and pruning) are carried out by a Professional Agricultural Engineer.

From the 3rd or 4th year, the first harvest will mature, meaning it has completed its growth and is ready to yield.

The harvest is sold by Agrolidya for the best price available and the proceeds are paid to the investor.

How Does The System Work?
Example Investment Analysis
Walnut Feasibility
Size of Land: 10.000m²
Total Purchase Price: $85.000



Walnut Investment Analysis


  • Investing for the good of the environment with a high return.
  • A land investment that you own with a value that is increasing every year. 
  • An income source that increases yearly, reaching up to 30% in the 10th year.
  • Easy payment terms (50% prepayment and up to 18 monthly instalments).
  • A Professional team that takes care of everything on your behalf.
  • A highly efficient product that increases in value every year.

Chandler Walnut Varıety


The Chandler Walnut Tree is an English type walnut developed by the researchers of U.C. Davis. The Chandler walnut variety is one of the leading commercial varieties all around the world. A Chandler Walnut Tree produce very heavy crops of medium and large sized, perfect quality nuts that are oval shaped and fairly smooth. The Chandler Walnut ripens in late September. The Chandler Walnut tree is partly vigorous and needs almost 1000 Cooling Hours.

Root stock systems are usually ed based on the certain local conditions of the walnut orchard. Once walnut planted, it takes three to four years for a walnut tree to start producing nuts that can be harvested. The average life time of a walnut orchard more than 100 years.

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Investment Projects As agricultural investment companies having carefully selected the best land for your agricultural investment in Turkey, whether you have invested in a walnut, pistachio, almond or olive orchard, we will strive to achieve the maximum return on your person