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Kasikci Pistachio Project 3

Kasikci Pistachio Project 3

Kaşıkçı Pistachio project, Located just 2 hours from Izmir International airport and 90 minutes from Manisa City, you will find a town called Gördes. A further 8-10 drive from Gördes town center by car, our cherished land has the ideal soil structure for Pistachio cultivation.


On satisfactory completion of the Pistachio garden soil and water analysis, the seeds planted in January 2022. The Pistachio seedlings planted in the Agrolidya nurseries are tissue culture UCB1 pistachio rootstocks, developed by the University of California. We expect that the first harvest from the Pistachio orchard will be in 2025. All land preparation, cultivation and ongoing maintenance linked to the Pistachio production is performed by our expert team at Agrolidya.


Agrolidya have quickly established themselves as experts in agricultural land investment within Turkey. We are proud to offer free consultancy services on issues such as Pistachio Garden investment, Walnut Garden investment, Olive Garden investment and Almond Orchard investment in Turkey.

PROJECT DETAILS Gordes, Manisa, Turkey
Size of Land 29.555m²
First Harvest 4th Year
Total Purchase Price $280.775,83
Reservation Price $14.038,79