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How profitable is a walnut farm

How profitable is a walnut farm

We can say that investing in a walnut farm is one of the most profitable investments in agriculture. Because walnut trees are grown for both their nuts and their timber.
While walnut provides a stable and high price in the world market, it also provides a return on a very long-term investment and leaves a good legacy for future generations.
A well-grown walnut tree's annual return is averages $21,000 for per 10 acre, and Bruce Thompson, author of "Black Walnuts for Profit," estimates that a mature black walnut tree stand alone can bring in about $100,000 per acre in lumber value.


Benefits of Walnut Garden investment

The first difference that stands out when creating walnut gardens is compared to investing in other agricultural products is the economic life of the walnut. At the same time, walnut is a very good export product. It is easier to store and market than many products. Walnut, which does not need a cold air chain, can be easily transported to long distances and can be easily stored for approximately 20 months with an ordinary storage. This makes manufacturers strong in the market during sales. Its maintenance costs are less than other agricultural products, its durability and adaptability to harsh natural conditions are higher.
Walnuts can be used industrially as well as as a delicious nut.
Trees live in a suitable environment for many years and the yield of the product increases from year to year. For all these reasons, walnut cultivation is a very profitable investment tool.
Grafted Chandler walnut trees;
9 years 25 – 40 kg.,
19 years old 50 – 70 kg.,
20 – 30 years 80 – 100 kg of product.


Benefits of investing in a walnut orchard in Turkey

Turkey ranks 4th in the world walnut production. However, although Turkey has an important place in world production, the amount of walnut produced meets only 50% of the domestic market. For this reason, investing in a walnut garden in Turkey is more profitable and less risky compared to the other countries.
In addition, Turkey has ideal soils for walnut production thanks to its ecological location. For export, it is suitable for shipping to many countries with less logistics cost, too.


Why should I invest in Valnut’s in Turkey with Invest Agrolidya?

Invest Agrolidya Agricultural Investments company meticulously s the lands to be created for investment. While our company focuses on many factors in land ion, the most important two of them are ecological and economic location. Our Agricultural Engineers analyze the soil and examine the climatic characteristics of the land while researching the land. Our marketing experts, on the other hand, give approval for logistics compliance. When all our criteria are matched, this agricultural land is now eligible to be included in our company's portfolio.
For this reason, the agricultural lands we chose for the walnut garden investment are located in Kula and Gördes districts, which are the most fertile lands  for walnuts in Manisa  considered as the hinterland area of ​​İzmir, close to İzmir ports.

Why you should Invest with Agrolidya?

The investor receives a title deed with 100% of the share belonging to them.
Our professional team takes care of everything on your behalf.
No management fee untill the first harvest
Easy payment terms
Best price guarantee for the product
Process follow-up with expert team
From the 8th year, which is the maximum yield time, you will make a profit of up to 30% per annual from your investment. Benefit from superb Management and Maintenance with Agrolidyas Professional Garden Maintenance Services.

How does the system work in Invest Agrolidya?
The investor buys the land 100% of which belongs to him from our company.
Invest Agrolidia determines the most beneficial planting periods, prepares the land and carries out planting.
During cultivation, all work (tillage, irrigation, maintenance and pruning) is done regularly by the Professional Agricultural Engineer.
With the 4th year, the first harvest to be collected is sold by Invest Agrolidya at the best price and the income is paid to the land owner.


You can visit this page for more information. https://investagrolidya.com/walnut-farmland-investment