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Agrolidya Tarım JSC



Agrolidya Tarım JSC proudly serves with the slogan "The name of quality in saplings". The company was established under the leadership of a very experienced team. This team has managed many successful projects in the agricultural sector since 1990.
We bring together the rootstocks of tissue culture production and the almond and pistachio seedlings it produces. Agrolidya has very quickly become one of the leading companies in the agricultural sector in Turkey. Annually, we produce over 3 million saplings in our modern nurseries located in Fethiye and Akhisar. 

We especially focus on almond and pistachio saplings, but also dedicate our time and expertise to producing dozens of other fruit saplings such as Walnut, Olive, Cherry, Peach, Nectarine, Apricot, and Avocado.

The saplings we grow at our nurseries are the finest, due to the perfect soil conditions in Turkey. Once the saplings are produced, they are then exported to countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Uzbekistan.
At home and abroad with our expert team, Agrolidya provides walnut, almond and olive orchard installation services. We have already established over two thousand hectares of olive, almond and walnut orchards. In addition, we have made many sapling sales, which makes us the most experienced company in Turkey in this regard. 

The success lies in our infrastructure, ensuring our investors are guided throughout the whole process, to prevent the wrong steps at outset. 

The services provided include:
Selecting the best saplings
Ideal land preparation
Efficient drip irrigation system installation
Sapling planting
Agricultural construction

Our professional sapling production and garden establishment services provided for our investors, ensures that they earn an investment income at the earliest opportunity. This win-win arrangement is already proving very popular with our clients and as the business gains even greater momentum, Agrolidya is looking forward to being a partner in your agricultural investment portfolio in Turkey.