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Why Grow Vegetables in Greenhouses?


  • Minimum of 40 tons produced for each 1,000sqm.
  • Easy to manage in modern, fully automated Greenhouse.
  • All year round harvest.
  • First harvest 120 days after planting.
  • Easy to sell produce, with buyers waiting for supply.
  • Export sales price indexed to the USD, so no currency fluctiation risk.



Why Greenhouse Investment ?

While we all know about the age old classical agricultural investment, Greenhouse cultivation is the next innovative step in agricultural business. With our latest Greenhouse projects, we are able to grow higher quantity and greater quality produce. Greenhouse produce can be grown throughout the whole year, with the first crop yield being available only 120 days after plantation.

  • Top quality produce
  • Very high production
  • Perfect growth environment
  • Protection from pests
  • Multi harvest periods
  • Market available throughout the year
  • Various produce grown
  • Continual work system
  • Sustainable ecosystem
  • Stress free environment for the plants
  • Professional agricultural investment management
  • Full Government insurance (Tarsim)


turkey-mapsProject Locations:  Manisa, Fethiye and Antalya

Our professional Greenhouse Projects are located in Manisa, Fethiye and Antalya. All these areas have the ideal climate for a Greenhouse investment business.

In Manisa, we have 76 degrees therman water on our land, which enables us to   heat up our Greenhouses in the winter. This will allow us to grow profitable produce all year around. Our expansive land in Manisa, is only 90 minutes from İzmir International Airport.

Our other key project site is located close to Fethiye. This area is one of the warmest parts of Turkey during the winter, so we are able to produce quality vegetables all year around.  Fethiye is also a very popular tourism destination for many nationalities, meaning millions of people visit the region every year.

Fethiye and the surrounding areas are also very important to the agricultural sector throughout Turkey. There are many farmlands here, with local farmers producing a wide spread of agricultural produce, which is sold at the various markets during the week. Every possible vegetable is grown close to Fethiye and we will always have a large customer base, meaning we are certain of making good profits. 



greenhouse-topviewAgricultural Investment in Antalya


Located in the South of the Turkey, bordering with the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains, Antalya benefits from the perfect environment for agricultural produce. The all year round natural greenhouse effect, allows tropical fruits to grow efficiently.

As the cultivated land in Antalya equates to millions of square metres, the Turkish Government supports local farmers with high quality infrastructure funding.

In addition, the Biggest wholesale fruit market in Turkey is located in Antalya. Numerous processing and packaging facilities, logistic companies, cold storage warehouses and retailers are present in Antalya. Therefore, it is clear that having an established agricultural project in Antalya will present a great opportunity to be involved in the market. This will allow us to sell our produce at the best price, with the minimum of effort.

Due to the great infrastructure and perfect climatic conditions, there is no doubt that Antalya is one of the best cities for agricultural investments.


Key Facts

• 31.8 million tons of vegetables were produced in Turkey in 2021**

• 8 million tons are produced in Greenhouses.

• Total Greenhouse space in Turkey – 772.091.000 m²

• Turkey is 4th largest producer in the world

• Turkey is the 2nd largest producer in Europe after Spain

• Antalya – 1st in Turkey rankings with 3.8 million tons produced (47%)

• Total Greenhouse space in Antalya 239.000.000 m²

** Source, Ministry of Agriculture Turkey



We have established ‘Agrolidya Greenhouse’ with a solid goal of sharing our experience and know-how with our investors. This means carefully selecting the best land for planting. In addition, we are committed to managing all the projects with fully dedicated professional specialists.

Together with the expert assistance of Agrolidya, investors can now diversify their portfolios into agricultural investments in Turkey. Not only will we get great returns on your investment, but the value of your land will also appreciate greatly.



Full Transparency

All information provided about our Greenhouse Projects is confirmed by official sources. 


  • Citizenship through Investment
  • Full Government Insurance
  • Tailor-Made Agricultural Projects
  • Modern Greenhouses
  • High Value Appreciation of Farmlands
  • Professional Agricultural Management