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Walnut Farmlands

Hamur Walnut Project 8 Hamur Walnut Project 8
A great way to provide an increasing annual income, is by investing in a walnut garden in Turkey. The Walnut Garden Investment starts to produce an income after the 4th year and is regarded as one of the most profitable agricultural investment products av
Land Size 25.584,14m²
Project Price $243.049,33
Hamur Walnut Project 7 Hamur Walnut Project 7
The total size of this Walnut Garden project is 23,805 square metres. It is located  approximately 1 hour from Kütahya city center and 25 minutes from Zafer airport.
Land Size 23.810,00m²
Project Price $226.195,00
Hamur Walnut Project 6 Hamur Walnut Project 6
This Walnut Garden project will be installed with Walnut saplings produced by Agrolidya, by the end of 2022. Located 15 minutes from Dumlupınar town center and 25 minutes from Kütahya Zafer airport, this Walnut garden land has a wonderful lake view.
Land Size 26.189,54m²
Project Price $248.800,63
Hamur Walnut Project 5 Hamur Walnut Project 5
Dumlupinar, Kutahya, Turkey
Our 60,660 square metre Walnut Garden investment project has a wonderful Lake view. It is located in Hamur village, Dumlupınar town of Kütahya city. It is approximately 25 minutes from Kütahya Zafer Airport.
Land Size 60.660,80m²
Project Price $576.277,60
Hamur Walnut Project 4 Hamur Walnut Project 4
Dumlupinar, Kutahya, Turkey
Our 28,694 m² Walnut Garden project is located in Hamur village of Dumlupınar town, near Kütahya city. It is 1 hour from the center of Kütahya and 25-30 minutes from Kütahya Zafer Airport.
Land Size 28.694,65m²
Project Price $272.599,18
Hamur Walnut Project 3 Hamur Walnut Project 3
Dumlupinar, Kutahya, Turkey
The most preferred agricultural investment in Turkey is the Walnut garden investment. In recent years, many Walnut orchard investments have been made by both domestic and foreign investors.
Land Size 56.006,00m²
Project Price $532.057,00
Kurtulus Walnut Project 1 Kurtulus Walnut Project 1
Gördes, Manisa, Turkey
The preparations for our Walnut Garden project, were made by the expert team from Agrolidya. It is located only 5 minutes away from the Gördes district center in the Kurtuluş region. The high yielding Chandler Walnut Saplings were planted in the 19,634 m²
Land Size 19.634,14m²
Project Price $225.792,61