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Olive Farmland Investment


In respect of an Agricultural Investment, Turkey is among the most productive countries in the world because it has the perfect ecological conditions needed by the Olive.
In recent years, mass production has started to shift to the Aegean Region and in particular to Manisa and its districts. Olive orchards are now very well established in this region and a Olive orchard investment is proving very high Return Of Investment for our investors.

In view of the above statements, We are well acquainted with these 2 varieties namely Arbequina and Arbosana due to their adaptation to the local climate and high yield. Below you can see our olive groves for sale Turkey.

Why Invest with Agrolidya?
  • check 100% Freehold title deed
  • check No management fee untill first harvest
  • check Easy payment terms
  • check Best price guarantee for the product
  • check Process follow-up with expert team
Investing for the good of the environment with a high yield and profit.
A land investment that you own with a value that is increasing every year.
Easy payment terms (%50 prepayment and up to 18 monthly instalments).
The investor receives a title deed with 100% of the share belonging to them.
A Professional team that takes care of everything on your behalf.
A highly efficient product that increases in value every year.
A long shelf-life product which is very easy to store.
Why Invest in Farmlands? We are very aware of how valuable human life is, plus all the potential problems in the future. That is why we are working shoulder to shoulder with our Investors.
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We will work together to achieve a competitive, technological and sustainable growth model in the production of Olives, Walnuts, Almonds and Pistachios. All of these agricultural produce are healthy, tasty and rich in the vitamins and minerals that are vital for human health. These are the most valuable agricultural products to provide high income.
Secure and stable HIGH ROI Secure and stable HIGH ROI
Income for whole your life Income for whole your life
Healthy and valuable product Healthy and valuable product
Heritage to the future Heritage to the future
Why Olive Investment?

Olive groves are indeed very profitable in the medium and long term, provided the climate and region are suitable for growing olive trees. However, as with almost all commercial farming and livestock operations, the first year is introductory and a grower expects a return on investment without expecting a high income. In the second, third and fourth years, the grower can seek the investor opinion of the firm Agrolidya to further his investment on a larger scale. Especially in olive tree cultivation, a grower must be patient because olive trees can give good yields after the 5th or 6th year. That's why we offer the sale of ready-made gardens while giving investment suggestions in our business. The trees in our garden are 15 years old and over. Therefore, the return of income can be very high.

The very high standard of service provided for your investment include

All procedures/work required for the land preparation.


The production of 1600 pieces of tissue cultures per hectare, (10,000 sqm) set at a 4m*1.5m planting distance.


The drilling or water source requirement for the land.


Modern drip irrigation system.


Installation of power supply or solar panel.


Secure wire fencing to prevent entry to your land.


Professional maintenance service, (including electricity, fertilizer and personal expenses).

  • The Management and Maintenance of the Olive Orchard is provided by Agrolidya's Professional Garden Maintenance Service’.
  • There will be no maintenance fee on your land until the first harvest year
  • In addition, we will deduct 30% of the total harvest crop as a service fee.
How Does The System Work?

The investor receives full title deeds with 100% of the share belonging to him/her.

All relevant services offered to the investor, including legal transactions, are provided by Agrolidya.

Almond, Pistachio, Walnut or Olive seedlings suitable for the region are planted during the most beneficial planting period.

During the cultivation, all tasks (tillage, irrigation, maintenance and pruning) are carried out by a Professional Agricultural Engineer.

From the 3rd or 4th year, the first harvest will mature, meaning it has completed its growth and is ready to yield.

The harvest is sold by Agrolidya for the best price available and the proceeds are paid to the investor.

How Does The System Work?
Example Investment Analysis
Olive Feasibility
Size of Land: 10.000m²
Total Purchase Price: $85.000



SHD Olive Grove Features


Planting pattern
The most widespread planting patterns currently vary between 3-4 m row distance and 1-1.5 m between trees. This implies planting densities of above 1,600 plants/ha. Choosing a suitable plantation pattern suitable for the agro-climatic features of the area in question and the variety of choice is paramount to the success of the plantation.

Cost effectiveness
The most widespread planting patterns currently vary between 3-4 m row distance and 1-1.5 m between trees. This implies planting densities of above 1,600 plants/ha. Choosing a suitable plantation pattern suitable for the agro-climatic features of the area in question and the variety of choice is paramount to the success of the plantation.

Entry into production is very fast. In the third year of planting yield is 3-4 t/ha. The results obtained in these years of experience in different olive-growing areas result in sustained yield values of between 8-12 t/ha. In warm-area plantations, and under appropriate crop management, yields can reach up to 16 t/ha.

Crop quality
The mechanized harvesting that takes place in the SHD olive grove ensures that fruits can be collected in proper ripening conditions with minimal damage and allows a quick delivery to the mill for grinding. These factors are important when in order obtain extra virgin olive oil (100% extra virgin olive oil) boasting outstanding organoleptic qualities. Below you can see our olive groves for sale Turkey.

Arbequina, characteristics of plant and oil


Choosing the right variety is one of the core aspects to achieve the objectives of an SHD plantation.

Arbequina is a very resistant plant, very productive and that lasts a long time: these characteristics make it ideal for use in super high density olive farming, which has been adapted very well since the first experiments.

But what are the characteristics of the Arbequina olive trees in detail?

  • Low vitality.
  • Open crown.
  • Medium-high density canopy.
  • Leaves small and short, of medium width.
  • Small fruits of black color when fully ripe.
  • Ovoid-shaped nucleus with a rough surface.

Arbequina olive trees are considered self-fertilising and ensure an early entry into production, with a high and constant productivity; they also possess an excellent rooting capacity. It resists diseases such as tuberculosis, maculation of the leaf and verticillium, which can affect it only slightly; as for the cold, the Arbequina olive tree is widely resistant to low temperatures.

From the Arbequina olives you get an oil of high quality, even with low stability. It is a harmonious extra virgin olive oil, sweet, delicate and fragrant; its medium fruity taste has low levels of bitter and spicy. Arbequina oil can be marketed both as monovarietal and with other oils that increase its stability. Below you can see our olive groves for sale Turkey.


Investment Projects As agricultural investment companies having carefully selected the best land for your agricultural investment in Turkey, whether you have invested in a walnut, pistachio, almond or olive orchard, we will strive to achieve the maximum return on your person