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What is the Profit Per Hectare of Walnuts?

What is the Profit Per Hectare of Walnuts?

Walnut trees, which are among agricultural investments, attract attention with their high-profit rates. Walnut, which is one of the products with high commercial value, easily meets the expectations of its producers. So, how much do walnut orchards save? How much income do you get from an acre of the walnut orchard? We have compiled the answers to these questions and other details about walnut cultivation for you.


Are Walnut Trees a Good Investment?

Walnut is a plant of different types. The fruits of this tree, with an average life span of 200 years, are used in many areas. Therefore, the demand for walnuts is always high and this demand is increasing day by day. The mentioned issues cause walnut trees to be a correct and sensible investment.

The walnut garden, which will be established with professional support, can provide you with a high income for many years. With the installation of the garden, your land will be valued. You can even sell the trees to be used in furniture making after making a profit from the fruits of the trees for many years. When sold in this way, you will be able to earn much higher numbers than you expected.

When all these are evaluated together, it can be stated that walnut is the right investment. However, it should not be forgotten that the process must be managed entirely by professionals and detailed feasibility studies must be done before starting the project. Thus, the walnut garden you set up will be one of your most profitable investments.


How Much Do One Hectare of Walnut Orchard Earn?

There are different points of interest before the walnut garden investment. But first, there are undoubtedly questions about earnings. It is often asked how much an acre of the walnut orchard will earn on average.

The amount of income to be obtained from an acre of walnut orchard varies according to different factors. Therefore, it would not be right to give a clear answer at this point. While high profits can be obtained from a garden the right methods are applied, even a small amount of profit may not be obtained from a garden with wrong agricultural practices.


Advantages of Walnut Cultivation in Turkey

Walnut is a tree that can be grown in different countries of the world. Turkey is one of them and is among the most important walnut producers in the world. The presence of regions with suitable ecological conditions for walnuts and fertile soil is among the most important advantages of Turkey.

As walnut production is very high in Turkey, domestic demand is also very high. This situation causes Turkey to import walnuts every year. The mentioned situation means that walnut producers can easily sell their products. You can earn a profit by selling the products obtained from the walnut orchards you will establish in Turkey quickly.

Another advantage Turkey provides this Turkish citizenship. If your walnut garden investment is $250,000 or more, you can also get Turkish citizenship. Thus, you will have the opportunity to benefit from the Turkish health system free of charge.


Invest Agrolidya Walnut Garden Management Services

As Invest Agrolidya, we provide you with professional garden management services. Within the scope of these services, we perform operations such as land acquisition, soil analysis, and determination of sapling type. Afterward, we also do the surrounding of the land, the establishment of the irrigation and electricity system, the planting of the saplings, and similar operations.

We turn your investments into reality and set up a garden from scratch for you. We follow the whole process with our team with high expertise and experience in this field. After these processes are under the control of professionals, we sell the products obtained from your garden with the best price guarantee. We pass on the earnings to you. You can contact us immediately to benefit from these services we have provided and to earn high profits from walnut orchards.