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What is the Profit Per Decare of Pistachios?

What is the Profit Per Decare of Pistachios?

Pistachios are one of the most valuable agricultural products. When it is cultivated correctly, it can easily meet the expectations of the producers. Despite this information that is known by everyone, it is a fact that investors who will turn to this field are looking for more concrete information. The question of how much is the profit per acre of pistachios is often asked to get concrete information. You can find the answer to this question and other details about pistachio cultivation in the continuation of our article.


Is Pistachio a Profitable Investment?

Pistachio is one of the first options that come to mind when it comes to agricultural products with high commercial value. Due to this feature, it is known that even green gold or similar qualifications are made by the manufacturers. However, to achieve the desired profitability, it is of great importance that the process is managed in a completely professional manner. Even the simplest operation, especially at the stage of garden establishment, can affect productivity years later. Therefore, professional help should be sought from the beginning of the process.

There are different types of pistachio seedlings. Saplings developed with tissue culture methods draw attention with their high productivity. However, the soil structure and climate of the land should be considered when choosing. Thus, the right choice is made by choosing the most suitable sapling and high productivity is achieved. As a result, the profitability rate will automatically increase.


What Gain Can Be Obtained from One Decare, Pistachio Orchard?

The income to be obtained from a pistachio orchard with a size of one decare (decare) varies depending on different factors. While high profits can be obtained with professional management and correct transactions, in the opposite case, the earnings may be at a lower level. Therefore, it would not be correct to give an exact figure at this point.

The profits of the gardens we create within the scope of Invest Agrolidya professional garden management services are at a very high level. The average net profit to be obtained from one acre of the gardens we have managed since the establishment stage is around $3,600. This figure will be earned when the seedlings are 10 years old. As the size of the land increases, the amount of income to be obtained will increase in direct proportion.

Pistachio seedlings start to bear fruit from the 4th year. When they start to bear fruit for the first time, approximately 40 kg of product is obtained from an area of ​​1 decare. When the trees are 10 years old, the amount of product received will be 410 kg. Relevant figures are only for 1 decare of land. After 10 years of setting up the garden, annual earnings will be $3,600 or close. The fact that such a high income is obtained from only 1 decare shows how profitable investment pistachio is.


Why Should I Invest in Pistachios?

You get the opportunity to diversify your investments with pistachios. Diversifying investments is the most effective way to reduce risks. By adding agricultural investments to your investments such as gold, stocks, and crypto money, you will provide portfolio diversity more effectively.

Agricultural investments are more advantageous than many investment types. It gains more value than the inflation rate, offers stable income and low volatility are some of its prominent features. Even these features reveal why you should invest in pistachios. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that pistachio cultivation has a high-profit rate.


Invest Agrolidya Professional Garden Management Services

The fact that pistachio cultivation is very profitable attracts the attention of many investors. However, investors generally cannot make their agricultural investments as they wish, as they cannot be interested in farming. At this point, as Invest Agrolidya, we produce solutions for you. You can make and professionally manage your agricultural investments by using our professional garden management services.
We ensure that you get suitable agricultural land, completely owned by you. We have soil analysis for the land and determine the most suitable pistachio sapling type. We are doing operations such as surrounding the land, creating the irrigation system, installing the solar panels and electrical system, and planting the saplings.

After you set up your garden completely, we manage it for you. We do prune, irrigation, fertilization, and similar maintenance operations. After your garden begins to yield, we harvest and sell the products with the best price guarantee. We transfer the net profit to you. Thus, you get the opportunity to benefit from the high income of the pistachio garden.

We perform all the mentioned services transparently with the guarantee of Invest Agrolidya. If you want to benefit from these services, you can contact us immediately.