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What is the Profit Per Decare of Almonds?

What is the Profit Per Decare of Almonds?

Almond is a tree with high commercial value. It can be consumed directly as well as consumed in different foods. It is also known to be used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The fact that the usage areas are so high causes the demand for almonds to always be high. This makes almond a profitable product. So, how profitable is almond? How much does a decare of almond orchard earn?


The Future of the Almond Market

It would be more accurate to examine the future of the almond industry before how much profit almonds will bring. The almond orchards that will eventually be established are long-term projects.

According to recently announced data, the size of the almond market in 2020 is about 10.2 billion dollars. All uses of almonds are included in this figure. According to the announced report, it is estimated that the market size will reach $16.9 billion by 2025. Therefore, it can be stated that the future of this field is extremely bright.

It is known that agricultural lands around the world are decreasing due to different reasons. On the other hand, the demand for agricultural products is increasing. For this reason, almonds will certainly become more valuable in the coming years.

Is Almond a Sensible Investment?

It is known by everyone that almond is a product with high commercial value. This is one of the important signs that the establishment of an almond orchard is also a logical investment. However, it is very important to manage the process professionally.

Numerous examples can be cited that have not achieved the desired result by cultivating almonds for years. The biggest problem of such bad specimens is that they do not receive the necessary professional support for almond cultivation. It will not even be possible for the almond orchards to be established without any feasibility study and evaluation of the soil analysis result to fully meet the expectations.

If detailed studies are carried out before the installation of the almond orchard and the process is managed by professionals in this field, the earnings will easily meet the expectations. You will earn a high income for many years from the garden you have established. As with barley and wheat, you will not have to pay for replanting. Moreover, your garden will always be valued at a higher level than the inflation rate. For these reasons, almonds are among the most sensible investment options today.


How Much Do One Decare of Almond Orchard Earn?

Almond orchard can provide profit at different levels depending on the features it has. The type of seedlings used, the size of the land, and similar factors cause the earnings to be variable. However, the maintenance process is also of great importance. So much so that the number of earnings can be increased significantly with professional care.

The orchard management services provided by Invest Agrolidya increase the profits from almond orchards to high levels. The annual amount of income generated in one decare of the gardens we have managed since the establishment stage is at the level of $ 1,800. This figure is obtained after the trees reach 10 years of age. Earlier periods, on the other hand, would have comparatively lower earnings. However, a 10-year garden provides an important amount of $ 1,800 on average in the following years.


Advantages of Almond Cultivation in Turkey

Turkey is one of the prominent countries with almond cultivation. It is shown among the most important producing countries in the world. The favorable ecological conditions for the almond tree and soil fertility enable Turkey to produce high amounts of almonds. Although production is high, domestic demand is also very high, which is an important advantage for manufacturers. The almonds produced in this way are sold quickly.

If the investments made for almond cultivation exceed $250,000, you will be entitled to become a Turkish citizen. With this right, you can benefit from the Turkish health system free of charge.

As Invest Agrolidya, we establish and manage your almond orchards in Turkey from scratch. We sell the products obtained with the best price guarantee and transfer the net profit to you. If you want to grow almonds with these services, you can contact us immediately.