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What is the Profit Per Acre of Olives?

What is the Profit Per Acre of Olives?

Olive, one of the longest-lived trees, can turn into an important investment tool when properly managed. Thanks to the olive garden being established professionally, you can earn high and stable incomes for many years. So, how much does a professional olive garden earn? How much income can be obtained from an acre of the olive orchard? You can find the answers to these questions and other details about olive cultivation in the continuation of our article.


Is Olive a Profitable Investment?

Olive is an agricultural product used in many fields. Its use in many areas, especially in the food and cosmetics industry, causes high demand in every period. This increases the commercial value of olives.

It is an important detail that it gives product only 3 years after planting. Trees must be at least 9 years old for high productivity. A garden of trees that are at least 9 years old meets expectations in terms of earnings very comfortably. So much so that professionally managed olive groves are more profitable than real estate and similar investment types.

Olive cultivation attracts attention as a medium and long-term investment type. With the installation process of the garden, gains should not be expected in the next few years. In this process, the development of trees is provided. However, in the following years, high incomes are obtained from the olive garden. Moreover, these gains show stability. So, volatility is extremely low. With such an important option, you can increase the diversity in your investment portfolio and reduce the risks.


How Much Do One Acre of Olive Orchard Earn?

The characteristics of the olive garden are closely related to how much it will earn. The types of saplings used and the care in the next process are important at this point. Earnings from olive orchards may differ due to the issues.

Gardens professionally managed by Invest Agrolidya have high profitability. The olive groves that we manage from the establishment stage attract attention with their high income. Earnings from 1 acre of this type of garden average around $1,700. When the trees are 9 years old, the income will reach these levels. It is quite normal for it to be relatively low in previous periods.

Profit from olive groves is obtained 3 years after planting for the first time. During this period, the amount earned from 1 acre is at the level of $120. The earnings are about $500 when the trees are 5 years old and $1,200 when they are 7 years old. Therefore, it can be stated that the amount of earnings increases exponentially.


Advantages of Olive Investment in Turkey with Invest Agrolidya

One of the most important olive producers in the world is Turkey. Especially the Aegean region is an ecologically perfect region for olives. 80% of the total production in Turkey is made in this region. As Invest Agrolidya, we allow you to purchase land from the most exclusive region of the Aegean region. You buy the lands in such a way that you own 100% of the ownership.

After purchasing the land, we start work quickly. At this stage, first, soil analysis is performed, and the most suitable olive sapling type is determined by considering the results. Afterward, the land is surrounded. Irrigation system and solar panel electricity system are being installed. The saplings are planted, and the garden is fully prepared. All these processes are managed professionally. Our agricultural engineers, who are experts and experienced in their fields, control the entire process.

After the product is started to be taken from your garden, the products are harvested on time and sold with the best price guarantee. The net profit is transferred to you. In this whole process, you get the opportunity to invest in olives without having to do farming. You can contact us to take advantage of such a special service and its advantages or to get more detailed information on the subject.