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What are the Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

What are the Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

There are different ways that foreigners can choose to become Turkish citizens. However, it can be stated that one of the most effective of these is investing. So, how can I get Turkish citizenship through investment? What are the advantages of Turkish citizenship acquired by investment? You can find the answers to these questions and other details about obtaining Turkish citizenship in the continuation of our article.


How to Become a Turkish Citizen by Investment?

Foreigners must meet certain conditions to become Turkish citizens by investment. These conditions are generally as follows:
• Have a valid passport
• Invest at least $250,000
• Applicant is over 18 years old
• No criminal record
• The investment made is not sold or transferred for at least 3 years.


Can You Become a Turkish Citizen with an Agricultural Land Investment?

The most important requirement to become a Turkish citizen is to invest $250,000 or more. The most well-known option at this point is real estate in the apartment type. However, Turkish citizenship can also be obtained with investments such as land and agricultural land.

Agricultural lands have gained serious value in Turkey in recent years. The process of gaining value will certainly continue in the coming years. You can act by considering this when investing. You can consider the agricultural land option to make your investments profitable.

It is also possible to make the agricultural land you buy more valuable by processing it through professionals. Thus, the value of your land will increase, and you will earn on the products produced from the land.


Advantages of Turkish Citizenship

There are many advantages to obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment. The prominent ones can be listed as follows:

• Turkish Passport
With a Turkish passport, you can travel to many countries without a visa. This will give you a significant advantage in terms of global mobility. With a Turkish passport, you can enter more than 70 countries without a visa. You can also get visas for more than 40 countries at the border. Thus, you will have the opportunity to enter and exit more than 110 countries very easily.
Free Health System
It is a known fact that the Turkish healthcare system is one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world. Medical education is highly developed here, and accordingly, very good doctors are trained. In addition, medical technology is given due importance. Turkish citizens can benefit from the health system with all these features free of charge. After you become a Turkish citizen by investment, you will be able to benefit from this health system free of charge.
Retirement Programs
You can retire by enrolling in one of the available retirement programs in Turkey and meeting the necessary conditions. Thus, you will have an extra source of income for your retirement period.
Unlimited Residence
After citizenship, you will be able to reside in Turkey unlimitedly. At this point, you will not be asked to meet any conditions.
Not only you but also your family members can benefit from the prominent advantages mentioned here. Your spouse and children under the age of 18 can also become Turkish citizens.
Turkish Citizenship with Agrolidya Garden Management Services

One of the most advantageous options for obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment is an agricultural land investment. The agricultural lands you will purchase through Agrolidya will both allow you to obtain Turkish citizenship and provide you with the opportunity to earn a high income.
We establish pistachio, olive, walnut, or almond orchards from scratch on the agricultural lands you will purchase through Agrolidya. In this context, we carry out operations such as the surrounding of the land, the preparation of the solar panel electricity system, the establishment of the irrigation system, the planting of the saplings. Then we carry out the maintenance and other operations of the garden.

The orchards we set up will only begin to bear fruit in a few years and bring you a profit. Thus, the value of the land will increase, and you will have a passive income source. You can leave this investment to your children and even your grandchildren as a legacy. You can contact us immediately to benefit from such a long-term and profitable profit opportunity. Hurry up to take advantage of these advantages with the Agrolidya guarantee.

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