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Walnut orchard investment in Turkey with Agrolidya!

In the expansive 19,634 m² land, Agrolidya has diligently planted high yielding Chandler Walnut Saplings and provided expert care throughout their growth. These saplings, which are now 2 years old, have flourished under our dedicated maintenance.

Located in a region known for its fertile soil and ideal climatic conditions for Walnut cultivation, the land offers a breathtaking natural backdrop. Easy road access further enhances its accessibility. Notably, the Walnut saplings planted on this land were originally cultivated in Agrolidya nurseries, ensuring their quality and suitability. Our team of experts meticulously handled garden preparation, walnut garden installation, and ongoing land management maintenance. With the first harvest anticipated in 2023, we eagerly await the bountiful results of our meticulous efforts.