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Turkish Citizenship by Investment. How to Get Turkish Citizenship?

Turkish Citizenship by Investment. How to Get Turkish Citizenship?

Turkey has made it easier for foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship with the program it has implemented. It is extremely easy to get citizenship with the Turkish citizenship program by investment. So, who can become a Turkish citizen by investment? What are the advantages of obtaining citizenship? We have compiled the answers to these questions and other issues related to Turkish citizenship for you.


How to Get Turkish Citizenship?

To obtain Turkish citizenship, it is sufficient to invest as specified in the relevant article of the law. Citizenship can be obtained with an investment of $400,000 or more. However, the applicants must be over 18 years old and have no criminal record.

Apart from the amount of the investment, the type is also extremely important. Investments; land, real estate, and immovables such as land. However, the investments must be at least 3 years old. In other words, it should be committed that the real estate or land purchased will not be sold before 3 years. Those who meet all these conditions can be Turkish citizens. In addition, the applicant's spouse and children under the age of 18 will also receive this right.


Advantages of Turkish Citizenship

There are different advantages of being a Turkish citizen. The details of the highlights of these advantages are as follows:

• Health System
Turkish citizens can benefit from the health system in their country free of charge. The healthcare system in Turkey is one of the best in the world. Technologically equipped hospitals with expert and experienced doctors in their fields ensure the quality of the health system. After obtaining citizenship, you and your family can benefit from this quality health system free of charge.

• Visa-Free Travel
After obtaining citizenship, you will have a Turkish passport. With a Turkish passport, you can travel to many countries without a visa. The number of countries to travel without a visa is more than 70. The number of countries that obtain visas at the border is around 45. Therefore, you will have a great advantage in traveling to more than 110 countries.

• World Citizenship
Obtaining Turkish citizenship means taking a step towards becoming a world citizen. If you want to be a citizen of the world, that is, to be a citizen of many countries, Turkish citizenship will allow you to go one step further in this regard.

• Future Benefits
It should not be forgotten that being a Turkish citizen has advantages in the future besides the advantages of today. As it is known, Turkey is a strategic country located in the middle of Asia and Europe. The EU membership process is still ongoing. Based on these features, it may be possible that Turkish citizenship will provide much more important advantages in the coming years.


Can You Get Turkish Citizenship with Agricultural Land Investment?

One of the investment options to be a Turkish citizen is agricultural land investments. Yes, you can get Turkish citizenship if your agricultural land investments are $400,000 or more. However, with agricultural lands, you can not only gain citizenship but also turn your investments into profitable income.

Turkey is one of the most important agricultural countries in the world. The farmland here is always valued more than inflation, thus providing complete protection against inflation. In addition, its soils are extremely fertile. Farming by professionals can yield much higher returns than expected.

As Invest Agrolidya, we step in at this point and effectively meet your expectations. You can get Turkish citizenship with the agricultural lands you will buy through Agrolidya. In addition, we can establish an almond, walnut, olive, or pistachio orchard on your land. We can manage the garden we will establish for you. We harvest the obtained products and sell them with the best price guarantee. Afterward, we transfer the net income to you. If you want to make an agricultural investment in this way, you can contact us immediately.