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Turkish Citizenship by Farmland Investment

Turkish Citizenship by Farmland Investment

There are different options to choose from to obtain Turkish citizenship. One of them is agricultural land investments. Provided that certain conditions are met, you can gain Turkish citizenship because of agricultural land investments. So, what are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship? Can everyone enjoy this right? You can find the answers to these questions and other details about obtaining Turkish citizenship in the continuation of our article.


How Can I Get Turkish Citizenship by Purchasing Agricultural Land?

With the legal amendment made in 2018, new regulations were made regarding the acquisition of Turkish citizenship by foreigners. According to these regulations, when they invest $400,000 or more in Turkey, they gain the right to apply for citizenship. If they meet this condition, they can become Turkish citizens. The requirements for citizenship are generally as follows:
• Invest at least $250,000
• Making the payment in advance
• Commitment that the investment will not be sold or transferred for at least 3 years

You can acquire Turkish citizenship by investing $250,000 or more. Moreover, not only you but also your spouse and children under the age of 18 can benefit from this right.


Advantages of Turkish Citizenship with Agricultural Land

Obtaining Turkish citizenship with agricultural land will provide you with different advantages. One of these advantages is to benefit from the Turkish health system free of charge. As is known, the Turkish healthcare system is highly developed. Providing quality medical education and investments in the field of health can be shown as the main reasons for this situation.

The healthcare system here is completely free. Yes, even in the most developed countries of the world, you can benefit from health services completely free of charge, while health services are paid. Being able to benefit from the Turkish healthcare system that accepts patients from different countries of the world free of charge during the Covid-19 epidemic will make you feel safe.

Another important advantage is that you have taken one more step towards world citizenship. By obtaining the citizenship of many countries, you can become a world citizen and benefit from the advantages offered by the countries. You can get one step closer to this goal by obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Agricultural land investment can bring you Turkish citizenship, and it can also cause you to earn significant gains. Agricultural lands in Turkey have been gaining in value in recent years. Even if you do not take any action on these lands, you can get much more than the money you invested after 3 years. But when you cultivate the land, you can be sure to earn even more than that. You will have the opportunity to make the best use of Turkey's feature of being an agricultural country.


Invest Agrolidya Professional Garden-Land Management Services

While obtaining citizenship through agricultural land investment in Turkey, you can earn passive income from agricultural land. Thanks to the services we provide as Invest Agrolidya, you can turn the land you buy into a profitable investment.

As Agrolidya, we first ensure that you buy arable land. Depending on your request, we establish an almond, walnut, olive, or pistachio orchard. First, we perform soil analysis and determine the most suitable sapling type. Then we surround the land and install the irrigation system. We also solve the electricity problem with the system consisting of solar panels. In short, we professionally build your garden from scratch.

After your garden is ready, we perform the maintenance for you. Operations such as pruning, irrigation, fertilization are carried out under the control of our agricultural engineers who are experts in their fields. After a few years, we sell the products obtained from your garden at the best price and pass the net profit to you. Thus, your land investment will be valued and will provide you with passive income. Moreover, the passive income provided will be much more than you think.

If you want your agricultural investments to become a source of high income for obtaining Turkish citizenship, you can contact us immediately.


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