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Professional Walnut Agricultural Land Investment

Professional Walnut Agricultural Land Investment

The Walnut is a tree whose fruit and timber are very valuable. Professional Walnut cultivation provides high profitability, when compared to many other popular investment vehicles.


Is Walnut Agricultural Land Investment Profitable ?

To be highly profitable, Walnut agricultural land investments must be cultivated in the perfect conditions. Once we have found the ideal land that meets with our high standards, we establish your professional Walnut orchard from scratch. We will then continue to maintain the land and trees until they produce nuts in year 4.

Walnut trees provide nuts very quickly. On maturity, it is very easy to store the fruits and then sell them in different markets, hence attaining the highest profits. The world demand for Walnuts is huge, meaning that Walnut orchards are a very profitable investment.

The profit rate of a Walnut farmland investment can vary, depending on different factors. However, recent returns have shown that a 10-decare Walnut orchard, can make on average, a profit of $19,000 per year. This clearly depends on the size of the land and the age of the trees.

At 6 years old, a Walnut orchard, established from scratch, provides a return of approximately 10% of the initial investment amount. This figure increases to 20% at 8 years old. When the trees are over 10 years old, the profit rate is about 30%. Such high returns are not found in many investment vehicles throughout the world today. For investors, it is great to earn such high profits in a low risk sector.


Things to Consider When Investing in Walnut Agricultural Lands

Walnut agricultural land investment has the potential to provide very high returns. However, we cannot stress enough, professional management of this process is extremely important. Things to consider when investing are:

• Suitable climate and fertile soils

• The entire process, from planting to harvest, should be carried out under the control of agricultural engineers.

• The country the Walnut agricultural land investment is made, should be close to major markets.

• The correct sapling type should be determined and they should be planted at the right intervals, based on the type os soil.


How to Make Professional Walnut Agricultural Land Investment?

Without doubt, Turkey is an ideal country for Walnut agricultural land investments. Turkey is one step ahead of most other countries, as we have the suitable climate for Walnut cultivation, the fertile lands required and a low initial investment cost.

We are very experienced in professionally managing Walnut orchard investments. This will allow you to earn high returns from your investment. We manage the whole process on your behalf, from finding the perfect land, wire fencing it, installing modern irrigation systems and maintaining it for many years. In addition, we sell your produce in the most suitable markets, with a high price guarantee. Once sold, we will transfer the profits directly to you.

You can contact us direct to receive further information, or to start the process of becoming a Turkish Walnut land investor.