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Pistachio Orchard Investment in Türkiye with Agrolidya!

Discover the remarkable potential of investing in pistachio orchards in Turkey, a country known for its perfect ecological conditions for pistachio cultivation.

In Turkey, pistachios are revered as the "gold tree" or "green gold" due to their high income potential and excellent market value. Agrolidya offers highly lucrative investment opportunities in Manisa, a region renowned for its fertile land.

With years of experience in pistachio cultivation and a deep understanding of the local soil, climate, and region, Agrolidya ensures a successful and risk-free investment. We work exclusively with experienced farmers and agricultural engineers who possess extensive knowledge of the area.

Our commitment to selecting the most suitable land for pistachio investors guarantees the establishment of modern, clean, and profitable orchards. We employ the latest techniques, including grafting on the tissue culture production UCB1 pistachio rootstock developed by the University of California. This innovative approach ensures a high graft adhesion rate of 95%, resulting in earlier and higher crop yields.

The UCB1 rootstock is the newest and most popular choice for pistachio cultivation. It can be planted in the field in spring and grafted just a few months later, or it can be cultivated in summer and grafted the following autumn. This fast-growing variety allows for the maturation of the first crop as early as the fourth year.

Investing in a pistachio orchard not only provides a green and environmentally beneficial opportunity but also offers a highly profitable agricultural investment. Witness the growth and development of a tiny sapling into a source of increasing annual income.

Agrolidya's agricultural investment projects are based on a 'win-win' model, providing excellent opportunities for investors. Explore our website to learn more about these opportunities and embark on a journey of highly profitable agricultural investments.

Agrolidya: Your gateway to success from sapling to market. Invest now and reap the rewards of pistachio orchard investment in Turkey.