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Is Walnut Tree Farming Profitable?

Is Walnut Tree Farming Profitable?

Walnut is one of the fruits with high commercial value. This fruit, which can be consumed as nuts, can also be consumed in different ways. The fact that the usage area is wide and beneficial for health causes the demand for walnuts to increase continuously. This raises the question of whether walnut tree cultivation is a profitable investment. Is walnut tree cultivation a profitable investment? What are the advantages and disadvantages?


Cost of Establishing and Maintaining a Walnut Orchard

There are different aspects to consider understanding whether an investment makes sense. These are generally; The initial cost of the investment can be counted as maintenance cost, gain, advantages, and risks. Therefore, the cost of establishing and maintaining a walnut garden is of great importance.

Depending on the characteristics of the garden to be created for walnut tree cultivation and the type of seedlings, the cost of establishing varies. But if high profits are aimed, the garden must be installed by professionals. The average cost of a 1-ha walnut orchard established by professionals is around $75,000. The figure may vary depending on different factors. In the following periods, it can be stated that the maintenance and other expenses of the garden area are at the level of $ 2,000 per year.


Are Walnut Trees a Right Investment?

Walnut tree cultivation is an investment type that has advantages in different aspects. First, the long-lasting and durable structure of walnut trees will allow the investment to provide income for many years. The high commercial value of walnuts and the increase in demand every year will cause an increase in the income provided.

You will diversify your investments with walnut tree cultivation. Diversifying your portfolio will significantly reduce your investment risks. In addition, it is a known fact that agricultural investments provide high protection against inflation. One of the most effective ways to protect your money in the face of rising inflation in recent years is agricultural investments. You can do this effectively with walnut cultivation.


Is Walnut Cultivation Profitable?

Walnut farming is one of today's most profitable agricultural activities. However, it should not be forgotten that all processes from garden installation to subsequent processes should be done by professionals for high profitability.

The ROI rate in the walnut garden established on an area of ​​1 ha is 9-10 years. In other words, it will only take 10 years to get your initial investment back. In real estate, this period can sometimes be 20 years, sometimes even more. Moreover, this period may be shorter depending on the increase in the value of the walnut.

When examined in terms of annual income, it should be considered that walnut trees start to produce only 4 years after planting. Therefore, you will not be able to earn any income in the first 3 years. However, you will start to earn from the 4th year. When your trees are 10-year-old, the net profit you will get from a 1 ha walnut garden will be around $19,000. You will continue to earn this level of income in the years to come. Therefore, it can be easily said that walnut tree cultivation is an extremely profitable investment.


Why Should I Grow Walnut Trees in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most important walnut producers in the world. Both the climate being suitable for walnuts and the high fertility of the soil cause Turkey to achieve such success. Despite the high amount of walnut production in Turkey, it is a well-known fact that the domestic demand is high. To meet domestic demand, Turkey imports a certain number of walnuts every year. This situation allows walnut producers in Turkey to sell their products easily.

If your walnut garden investments in Turkey are $250,000 or more, you gain the right to obtain Turkish citizenship. After becoming a Turkish citizen, you can benefit from the world-famous Turkish health system free of charge.


How Do I Invest in a Walnut Tree?

The thought of growing walnut trees may seem like a difficult option at first glance. The thought of setting up the garden and farming to care for the trees may distract you from this idea. But with Invest Agrolidya’s professional garden management services, you don't need to farm actively. We do all the operations in the walnut garden you will establish for you and transfer the profit to you.

First, we take samples from different points of the land and have a soil analysis done. We choose the most suitable sapling type, considering the result and the climate. We surround the land and install the irrigation and electricity system. We carry out operations such as planting, care, and irrigation of seedlings. In short, we manage your garden for you. We do all this with the guarantee of Invest Agrolidya. If you want to grow walnut trees by taking advantage of these services, you can contact us immediately.