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Is Walnut Farm a Good Investment?

Is Walnut Farm a Good Investment?

Walnuts are one of the most valuable agricultural products in the world. The fact that it is used in different areas and the demand for this fruit is high, makes the walnut valuable. Did you know that walnuts can be used as an investment tool besides being an agricultural product? Yes, you didn't read it wrong. The walnut gardens that you will create with the right methods can turn into a very advantageous investment tool. You can also benefit from these advantages with the professionalism of Invest Agrolidya.
Walnut is a fruit with high commercial value all over the world. By using Invest Agrolidya's professional walnut garden management services, you can earn passive income from the gardens you will establish.


Agriculture in Turkey

Turkey is a country that has been described as an agricultural country for years. Experiencing different climates and fertile soils have caused agriculture to become an important sector here. The share of agriculture in the gross annual product is about 7% and it has a stable level.
In terms of agricultural production, Turkey ranks seventh in the world. It is estimated that it will be among the first 5 countries shortly with developed policies and agricultural support. This will ensure that the long-term results of your agricultural investment will be much more positive.
In terms of walnuts, it will be seen that Turkey is one of the most important walnut producers in the world. The amount of production is quite high. However, the high domestic demand causes a producer like Turkey to import walnuts. Therefore, walnut producers do not have any difficulties in selling the walnuts they produce.


Why Should I Cultivate Walnuts?

The commercial value of the walnut and the high demand for this fruit make walnut cultivation attractive. Other prominent advantages of walnut cultivation are as follows:
• High demand both in Turkey and internationally
• Starting to get products only 4 years after planting the seedlings
• Short amortization period of the first cost
• No market problem
• High efficiency

Because of the reasons mentioned here and similar, walnut cultivation is extremely attractive.
Walnut cultivation can also be looked at in terms of diversification of investments. It is important to evaluate some of your investments in the agricultural field to minimize the risks. It is also a known fact that agricultural products and lands in Turkey always gain more value than inflation. For these reasons, you can also invest in the field of walnut cultivation.


How Much Does it Cost to Establish and Maintain a Walnut Orchard?

One of the important issues about walnut cultivation is the costs. The amount of budget required for the purchase of the land, the establishment of the walnut garden, and other transactions are important for the investors.

It would not be correct to talk about a clear number here. Because the figures may differ depending on the size of the land to be preferred. However, it can be stated that the average cost for a walnut garden to be established on an area of ​​1 hectare is $ 75,000. In this figure, there are operations such as turning the land with wire, installing the irrigation system, and installing the solar panels and electricity system.

As Invest Agrolidya, we perform the entire installation for you. In addition, we also do the maintenance and harvesting of the walnut garden we have established for you. The sales of the obtained products and the transfer of income are also done by us. Therefore, walnut farming turns into a private investment rather than a farming experience for you.


How Profitable Is Walnut Cultivation?

Walnut cultivation is an area with high profitability. When the whole process is carried out professionally, you will start to get products from your garden 4 years later. When your saplings reach the age of 10, they will reach the desired level of productivity.
You can obtain 875 kg of walnuts on average in the 4th year from the walnut garden established on an area of ​​1 ha. At the end of the 10th year, the number of walnuts you produce in your garden will reach up to 5,250 kg per year. The return of these walnuts is around $19,000. After this stage, you can make a profit every year as much as the mentioned figure. If you want to make such a profitable investment, contact us now.