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Is Pistachio Tree Farming Profitable?

Is Pistachio Tree Farming Profitable?

Pistachio is shown as one of the most valuable fruits of today with its unique structure and taste. This fruit, which can be consumed as a nut, is also used in different areas. Pistachio, which makes a difference in every field it is used, is in high demand due to this feature. Pistachio tree cultivation, which will be done correctly, is very advantageous due to the high demand. So, is the pistachio garden a profitable investment? In the continuation of our article, you can find the answer to this question and other details about pistachio cultivation.


How Much Does It Cost to Establish a Pistachio Orchard?

Pistachio orchards can be a very profitable investment when properly established and managed by professionals. However, it should not be forgotten that for high profitability, every transaction should be done professionally from the very beginning. A mistake to be made in processes such as the ion of saplings, planting of seedlings, and care of trees may adversely affect profitability. Therefore, the work of establishing a Pistachio Garden should be left to professionals.

The cost of professionally establishing a Pistachio orchard varies depending on different factors. Therefore, it would not be correct to give a clear figure on the cost. However, it can be stated that the average cost of a Pistachio orchard to be established on an area of ​​1 ha is around $85,000.

The figure here is for a professional Pistachio orchard. This is the cost of installing a garden the irrigation system is located, electricity is produced from solar panels and surrounded by wires. However, to emphasize again, the number may vary depending on factors such as the size of the land and the type of sapling.


How Much Does a Pistachio Orchard Earn?

Pistachio orchard yields different figures according to its productivity. The profit to be obtained with proper planning and professional management is the kind that will make the investors smile. It can even be stated that it earns more than many types of investments today.

Again, let's explain the income situation over a professional Pistachio Garden of 1 ha Pistachio seedlings begin to bear fruit only 4 years after planting. Therefore, it does not provide any profit in the first 3 years. In the 4th year, the number of pistachios to be obtained from the garden will be 410 kg on average. This will give you an average net profit of $1,900. When the seedlings are 10 years old, the number of pistachios you will obtain from your garden will be 4.100 kg. The net profit you will make on this product will be approximately   $ 37000

Pistachio orchard will not provide you profit for the first 3 years. However, after 10 years, it allows you to earn an average of $ 37000 annually. There are very few investments instrument options you can earn such a high annual return after an initial investment of $85000. Moreover, the profit here is guaranteed by professional methods.


Why Should I Invest in a Pistachio Tree Garden?

Pistachio garden investment provides high profitability. Yes, a high-profit rate is of great importance for investments. However, there are also different advantages of Pistachio Garden investment. These must also be considered when investing. At this point, the prominent advantages are as follows:
• Pistachio tree investment that you will make is a long-lasting investment. It is sufficient to plant the trees once and then to maintain them regularly. Therefore, you will not face an initial setup cost again.
• When you create a professional garden by planting Pistachio trees on the land, the value of the garden will increase in an instant. So, every expense we make makes your investment worthwhile exponentially. This is very important for investment.
• When your Pistachio tree investment in Turkey is $250,000 or higher, you will have the opportunity to acquire Turkish citizenship. You will be able to benefit from one of the world's best quality and advanced health systems free of charge.
• You will diversify your investments and thus minimize the risks. The more diverse your portfolio, the lower the investment risks will be. It would be a very logical choice to do this with an important option such as investment in agriculture.


Professional Pistachio Orchard Management Services

Although Pistachio tree cultivation is a very profitable investment, do not worry because you do not have a mind to farm. As Invest Agrolidya, we provide you with professional Pistachio orchard management services at this point. We set up and manage your garden for you. We harvest the products, sell them, and transfer the earnings to you. You can contact us immediately to benefit from these services.