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Is Pistachio Farm a Good Investment?

Is Pistachio Farm a Good Investment?

Agriculture is a field related to the nutritional needs of people. Because of this feature, it has been of great importance throughout history. Today, besides being a production area, it has also started to be used as an investment tool. Pistachio orchards are one of the most profitable options. Pistachio Orchard is more advantageous than many investment types when done correctly. Well, is Pistachio a good investment? What is the profitability of Pistachio investment? Hereunder, you can find the answers and details of these questions about the profitability of Pistachio.

Overview of Pistachio Orchard in Turkey

Turkey is a country with different climatic zones. Due to this feature, it has different regions Pistachio Orchard will be carried out. Providing the necessary conditions for the Orchard of Pistachio from an ecological point of view allows obtaining high productivity and quality products.
Pistachio is an agricultural product with a high commercial value. This product, which the manufacturers describe as green gold, is in high demand both within and outside the country. The total Pistachio production in Turkey does not even fully meet the domestic demand. Therefore, pistachios are imported from abroad every year. Therefore, manufacturers do not have any difficulties in finding a market for their products.
Pistachio production in Turkey increases every year. On the other hand, imports are increasing at a similar rate due to the increasing domestic demand. While the total pistachio import was 262 thousand tons in 2015, this figure increased to 339 thousand tons in 2020. Even the figures included here reveal that the producers will not have any problems in finding a market.


Is Pistachio Orchard an Investment Option?

When it comes to investment, instruments such as stocks, real estate, and commodities come to mind first. However, agriculture is also an important investment option and has high profitability when done correctly. You can also consider agricultural investment options to diversify your investments.
One of the basic rules in investment management is that not all eggs are in the same basket. At this point, making the right diversification will both significantly reduce your risks and give you an advantage in terms of achieving profitability. The agriculture option meets your expectations at the highest level in terms of providing this diversity.

Invest Agrolidya Professional Pistachio Orchard Management Services

Invest Agrolidya professional Pistachio orchard management services ensure that your agricultural investment turns into a passive income for you. We make detailed investigations for the land that is completely owned by you, and we set up a garden from scratch. In the following processes, we manage your garden for you and ensure that you obtain high yields. We use our knowledge and experience in this field effectively for you.
In this process, we first conduct a soil analysis and determine the appropriate sapling type, considering the analysis results. We carry out operations such as planting the saplings, installing the irrigation system, placing the solar panels, and providing electrical energy. Thus, you have a professional pistachio orchard with electricity and water.

After the completion of the garden installation, we manage your garden for you. We carry out operations such as the care, fertilization, and pruning of seedlings. We sell the products produced during the harvest period and transfer the income to you. So, you start earning farmer income without actively farming. All this happens under the guarantee of Invest Agrolidya.

How Profitable Investment Is Pistachio Orchard?

The first planting cost of Pistachio seedlings is only once. You don't need to replant every year, as you would plant barley and wheat. You will not face such a cost after the first installation of the garden. You will start to buy products from your garden, which is under the control of Agrolidya Invest professional management services, from the fourth year. After 4 years, you will receive an average of 410 kg of product from an area of ​​10 decares (decare). After 10 years, the amount of product you buy will be 4.100 kg on average. When your trees are 10 years old, your average annual profit will be around $36,000.

Considering the figures mentioned here, it will be clearly seen that the Pistachio orchard is a very profitable investment. Such a high level of profitability clearly demonstrates how logical and effective a Pistachio orchard is. Especially when compared to real estate investments, the amortization period is much shorter. If you want to make such a profitable investment, you can contact us immediately.