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Is Olive Tree Farming Profitable?

Is Olive Tree Farming Profitable?

Olive is a product that has been accepted among healthy foods throughout history. This acceptance continues today, and it is used extensively in many fields. The intense demand for olives has also increased the interest in olive tree cultivation. So, is olive tree cultivation profitable? Can anyone cultivate olive trees? We have compiled the answers to these questions and other details about olive cultivation for you.


Overview of Olive Tree Cultivation

The olive tree is one of the longest-lived trees in the world. The oldest known olive tree is estimated to be 1500 years old. On the other hand, the average life span of olive trees is 500 years. The tree, which has such a long life, begins to produce products only 3 years after planting. The figures here clearly show that the investment to be made in the olive tree will yield profits for many years.

The products produced from these trees are consumed as table olives as well as used in olive oil production and cosmetics. Therefore, the demand is very high, and it is increasing day by day. On the other hand, olive production areas are decreasing. It is a fact that some olive groves have deteriorated, and production areas have shrunk due to construction and different reasons. Based on the simple information here, it can be stated that olive tree cultivation will become a much more profitable sector in the coming years.


Is Olive Tree Cultivation a Right Investment?

Olive tree cultivation is an investment that provides advantages in different aspects. First, thanks to the investment you will make in this area, you will diversify your investment portfolio. This will significantly reduce your investment risks.

Agricultural investments are one of the most advantageous options today. They draw attention with their protection against inflation. Correctly made agricultural investments have always been valued more than the inflation rate and did not upset their investors.

Another important advantage is its longevity. An olive orchard that will be created professionally will not only benefit you but also your children and future generations. You can even consider olive groves as a legacy of high material value that you can leave to your children and grandchildren.


How Much Does the Olive Garden Earn?

The income of the olive orchard varies depending on different factors. Factors such as choosing the sapling suitable for the soil type, correct application of pesticides and fertilization, and timely irrigation affect productivity. Therefore, the profit to be obtained is also affected by the efficiency.

Our Invest Agrolidya professional garden management services show the sensitivity necessary for you to achieve the highest profit in this field. We follow the whole process with our agricultural engineers who are experts and experienced in their fields and we show the necessary care for the highest efficiency. You can earn $ 17,000 per year from the 10-decare garden we manage from the installation stage (from the age of the trees to 10). This figure may vary according to different factors, but on average it is at these levels.

The trees do not bear fruit in the first 2 years. It bears fruit from the 3rd year. However, they must be 9-10 years old to reach high productivity. Despite this, you start to earn from the 3rd year. Your net profit in year 3 will average $1,200, in year 5 average $5,100, and in year 9 average $17,000.


Why Should I Establish an Olive Garden in Turkey?

Turkey has one of the most suitable climates for olive trees. Moreover, its soils are extremely fertile. You can easily sell the products obtained from the olive groves you will establish in Turkey in the domestic market. Therefore, you will not encounter a problem such as searching and finding a market after production.

Invest Agrolidya, which allows you to invest in an olive garden in Turkey, manages the whole process for you. Within the scope of our garden management services, we carry out operations such as planting saplings, surrounding the land, installing an irrigation system, installing solar panels, and an electrical system. Thus, we prepare a professional garden for you from scratch. We carry out regular maintenance every year, collect the harvest time products and sell them with the best price guarantee. We also transfer the profit to you. You can contact us immediately to benefit from Invest Agrolidya’s professional gardening services.