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Is Olive Farm a Good İnvestment?

Is Olive Farm a Good İnvestment?

Olive is a fruit that can use in different areas, especially breakfasts. Due to this feature, the worldwide demand for olives always moves upwards. The increase in demand increases the commercial value of olives, as you can imagine. For these reasons, olive cultivation has become one of the most important investment options of today. So, is olive cultivation the right investment? Let us look for the answer to this question together.


Agricultural Sector in Turkey

Turkey is a country known for giving importance to agriculture. Experiencing different climates and fertile soils at the same time due to its geographical location causes a variety of agricultural products to grow in Turkey. Especially if agriculture performs professionally, high-profit rates can achieve very easily.

In terms of olive, it will notice the high number of products obtained in the Aegean region. The suitability of the soil structure and the fact that the climate is almost perfect for olive trees make the Aegean region a suitable area for olives. A significant part of the products produced used here is for the demand in the domestic market. The other part is for export. Therefore, due to high domestic and foreign demand, olive producers do not have any problems in finding a market.


Cost of Establishing an Olive Orchard

The amount of initial cost in olive cultivation investment is a matter of curiosity. However, it is often not possible to give an exact figure for the cost. Because factors such as the size of the land prefer and the type of saplings to use change the initial costs.
Despite all this, it can state that a 10-decare garden installation costs an average of $75,000. There are also processes such as surrounding the land, installing solar panels and an electrical energy system, and installing a drip irrigation system by extracting water.


Advantages of Olive Cultivation Investment in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most important olive growers in the world. It achieves this with its suitable climate and fertile lands. In a country like Turkey that attaches immense importance to agriculture and support by the state, investment in an olive grove has specific advantages.

First, it would be more correct to talk about the advantages of the olive garden itself. Highlights of these advantages are as follows:
• Always high demand for olives
• No problem of finding a market at the point of sale
• The average life span of olive trees is five hundred years.
• High commercial value

Due to these features, the olive investment you will make will provide you with significant gains. You do not even need to farm after this investment. As Invest Agrolidya, we set up your garden with our professional services, and then we do other operations related to your olive garden. All processes such as the maintenance, irrigation, and fertilization of the trees will lead by us. In the autumn, your trees will be harvested, the products obtained will sell and the profit will transfer to you. Therefore, olive cultivation is only a profitable investment for you.
Making such an investment in Turkey can provide you with different advantages. If your investment amount is $250,000 or more, you will be entitled to obtain Turkish citizenship. Thus, you will have the opportunity to benefit from one of the best health systems in the world, free of charge.


Is Olive Cultivation a Profitable Investment?

Olive cultivation is one of the most important investment tools today. Yes, you can consider olive cultivation as an investment tool. It is an investment instrument that does not lose value in the face of inflation, has low volatility, and has fixed assets. It is much more advantageous compared to other investment instruments, especially real estate.

When you set up a 10-decare olive orchard with an investment of $75,000, you can get back the money you invested in about 10 years. Planted trees start to produce products from the third year. In the third year, you will buy 875 kg of olives in total. 
When the trees are 10 years old, the total harvest amount will be at the level of 5,950 kg. The return of these products to you is an average of $ 17,000.
If you want to make such a profitable investment, you can benefit from the services provided by Invest Agrolidya. For detailed information, you can contact us immediately.