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Is it easy to get Turkish citizenship?

Is it easy to get Turkish citizenship?

Turkey grants citizenship to foreigners if certain conditions are met. The required conditions are presented as options. Foreigners who want to obtain citizenship can obtain citizenship by choosing the option that is suitable for them. So, is it easy to get Turkish citizenship?


Ways to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

Foreigners must invest in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship. Depending on the type of investment to be made, the desired investment amount differs. The options at this point are generally as follows:

• Investment of at least $250,000 in real estate (house, farmland, land, etc.)

• Deposit at least $500,000 by opening an account in a Turkish bank

• Buying $500,000 worth of government bonds


Those who fulfill any of these options can apply for Turkish citizenship. After the necessary documents are prepared and delivered to the relevant units, the whole process will be completed in 3-4 months.


It is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment. However, the investment to be made must be at least 3 years. E.g., Let's say you buy a home worth $250,000. When purchasing the house, an annotation must be put that the house will not be sold in at least 3 years. With this annotation, you cannot sell the house within 3 years, even if you wanted to. For other options, there is a 3-year limit requirement.


How Easy is it to Get Turkish Citizenship?

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment may seem easy at first glance. By investing the determined amount, you can acquire Turkish citizenship for yourself and your family. From this point of view, it can be said that it is easy to obtain Turkish citizenship.

However, it should not be ignored that there is a serious amount invested in the end. If the investment to be made is not evaluated correctly, a serious loss may be encountered. Therefore, Turkish citizenship may cost you more than you think.


Can Turkish Citizenship Be Obtained with Agricultural Land Investment?

You must make the right decision at the point of investment for Turkish citizenship. Depending on your budget, you can choose the option you want and control your investments as you wish. But never forget that the farmland option is an option to consider.

Agricultural lands are remarkable for their protection against inflation and their high profitability. Recently, many investors have turned to agricultural lands. Considering that Turkey is also an important agricultural country, you can also consider the agricultural land option.

The agricultural lands you will buy through Agrolidya will not only give you the right to Turkish citizenship but will also provide you with high incomes. Through us, we establish an almond, pistachio, olive, or walnut orchard on the land you will purchase from arable land, depending on your request. We manage the professionally established garden for you. When the trees start to yield, we harvest for you and sell your products with the best price guarantee. We transfer the net profit to you. You can contact us immediately to obtain Turkish citizenship easily and to turn your investments into income in this way.