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Is Almond Farm a Good Investment?

Is Almond Farm a Good Investment?

Almond is a fruit with many health benefits. It can be consumed in different ways, especially as nuts. This fruit, which has a very high commercial value, can turn into an investment tool when properly managed. The almond orchards that you will set up with professional service will be both an important investment, and a passive income source for you. Thanks to the professional garden management services of Invest Agrolidya, it is enough to realize these advantages.

Why Should I Invest an Almond Orchard?

When it comes to almond cultivation, the first thing that comes to mind is farming. It is thought that processes such as processing the soil, preparing, planting, and fertilizing the seedlings should be done. However, you can also grow almonds by taking advantage of the professional services offered in this field.
It is very advantageous to turn almond cultivation into an investment tool with professional support. As it is known, agricultural products and land are always valued more than inflation. Therefore, even if you buy land for an almond orchard and only set up an almond orchard, your investment will automatically appreciate it in the future.
In addition to the increase in the value of the land and the garden on it, the products produced from the garden also provide a significant profit. Almond is a fruit with high commercial value. Turkey is one of the most important producers in this field. Despite this, almonds produced can be sold quickly due to high domestic demand. Therefore, there is no problem in finding a market in almond cultivation.
With almond cultivation, you can also diversify your investments. You can reduce risks by adding almond investments to your investments such as stocks, cash, and gold.

How to Make an Almond Orchard Investment?

You can benefit from the professional services provided by Invest Agrolidya to turn almond cultivation into an investment. With the services we provide, we manage the whole process professionally for you and ensure that you get the best results.
We ensure that you buy land of suitable structure and size for almond cultivation. The property right of the land you buy is 100% yours. Afterward, we determine the most suitable almond type by performing soil analysis in the field and proceed to the planting stage. We also do operations such as surrounding the garden, installing the drip irrigation system, and providing electricity with solar panels.
After the garden installation is completed, the maintenance of the garden and the harvesting of the products are done by us. The income generated is transferred to you. Therefore, you are not actively farming in this process; you are only investing in almonds.

The Future of the Almond Industry

Almond cultivation is one of today's profitable investments. However, eventually, you might be sure that your profits in this area will increase even more. The fact that almonds are known by society for their new health benefits and are preferred for taste and similar reasons show that there will be more demand for almonds in the coming years. What's more, almonds are also used industrially, and the amount of demand is increasing day by day. These situations are one of the most important signs that the commercial value of almonds will increase. As a natural food, people can eat it safely. Almond is important in terms of a healthy life, which has been the trend of recent years. It has also become an indispensable product for dietitians. Considering all these together, it can explain that the almond industry will grow even more in the future.


Is Almond Cultivation a Right Investment?

One of the simplest ways to tell if an investment is profitable or not is the ROI ratio. This concept, which consists of the initials of the phrase return on investment, indicates how long the investment will pay for itself. If this period is 20 years or less in real estate investments, it shows that the investment is reasonable. So, what is this period for almond investment?
Almond cultivation, when it performs professionally and correctly, ROI comes back in 7-8 years. Yes, it is true. You will only get your investment back in 7-8 years. In addition, you will have an almond orchard consisting of 10-year-old almond seedlings. Even this simple calculation reveals how profitable an investment is for almond cultivation.
You can also make this profitable investment with the professional almond cultivation management services provided by Invest Agrolidya. You can contact us to get more detailed information about the questions and the subject in your mind.