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How profitable is a pistachio farm?

How profitable is a pistachio farm?

Dear Investor, In this blog, we will talk about the profitability of pistachio farm, agricultural investments, agricultural investments to pistachio land, the benefits of making an investment in pistachio agriculture in Turkey and the advantages of making the investment together with Invest Agrolidya. If you think that you do not have enough information, you can contact us and ask for help. We will be pleased to inform you.


Why should I invest in agriculture?

Investors generally divide their investments in to different sectors such as real estate, gold, silver, stocks in order to diversify funds and reduce the risk.

Real estate investments such as houses, land and field are among the investment types that should be in the portfolio for an investor. If you invest to the right product on agriculturet investment, Return of investment always higher that any other investment among real estate investment, and the risk is less than other investment instruments. If you decide to ınvest to any agricultural product like Pistachio, Olive, Almond or Walnut, Agrolidya offers professional garden maintenance services for your investment.



Why should I invest in Pistachio?

Pistachio is a type of nuts with tremendous potential that has taken the world by storm. Experts around the world agree that now is the perfect time to invest in pistachios. The most important reason for this, of course, the profitability rates of pistachios. It is 25-30 times more profitable than agricultural products such as barley and wheat. Pistachio, walnut and almond are the most popular nuts produced and consumed, offering plenty of investment opportunities for everyone. As agricultural lands decrease day by day, the demand for these products continues to increase rapidly.

Those seeking long-term returns can certainly find a potentially lucrative investment option with Pistachio Farm. Therefore, if you are interested in to invest Pistachio Farm Land, Agrolidya will be guiding you in this sector.


In terms of agricultural investments, Turkey comes first among the countries with the ecological conditions required by pistachios. According to the data of the last 3-4 years, Turkey ranks 4th in the world of pistachio production. However, this production can not fully meet the domestic market needs. Pistachio, which can be easily sold because there is no market shortage, is also called green gold by Turkish farmers.

 The relatively low price of pistachios originating in Iran and the coarse grained and cracked nature of pistachios cause Iranian pistachios to be demanded around the world. However, aflatoxin formed during production caused importing countries to prevent Iran pistachio imports from time to time, and in recent years, especially the European Union and the USA have started to take serious measures in this regard. Pistachio grown in the People's Republic of China is from a different biological family (Pistacia chinensis), and the fruits of the tree in question are not suitable for human consumption. In the People's Republic of China, the production of the said plant has been emphasized in recent years, and this plant is grown for biodiesel fuel production studies.

In the USA, pistachios are grown mainly in the state of California. Peanuts were first brought to this country from Iran in 1848. In the USA, Kirman and Peter type pistachios are mainly grown, and in addition to these varieties, there are also Ibrahmim, Ohadi, Safidi, Shasti and Vahidi varieties.


Red, Siirt, Uzun, Ohadi, Halebi, Barak Yıldızı and Tekin varieties are widely available in Turkey.

The varieties with the highest cracking rate are Tekin and Siirt pistachios. In addition to these, the variety with the lowest yield, fruit weight and cracking rate is Barak Star. Also, the Barak Star variety is the earliest maturing variety, so it is grown in highland regions (with short summers). Tekin stands out with its pistachio quality. Tekin pistachio is an important type of pistachio in this respect, which provides a very profitable potential economically. It grows best in areas with long and hot summers. Siirt, Tekin and Ohadi varieties are suitable for snack use.


Why should I invest in Pistachios in Turkey with Invest Agrolidya?


The investor receives a title deed with 100% of the share belonging to him/her.
All relevant services offered to the investor, including legal transactions are performed by Agrolidya.
Pistachio seedlings suitable for the region will be planted during the most beneficial period.
During the cultivation, all tasks, (tillage, irrigation, maintenance and pruning) will be regularly carried out by a Professional Agricultural Engineer.
From the 4th year, the first harvest is gathered, meaning it has completed its growth and is ready to yield.
The harvest is sold by Agrolidya for the best price available and the payment is made to the investor.

You can visit this page for more information about Pistachio Agricultural Land Investment. https://investagrolidya.com/pistachio-farmland-investment