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How profitable is a almond farm?

How profitable is a almond farm?

Investment diversification is a strategy of turning to more than one asset to reduce risk, rather than investing all gains in one asset type. For this reason, professional investors usually try to reduce their risks and increase their earnings by dividing their investments into different sectors, products or even countries.

In this article, we will talk about the advantages of investing in agricultural land and creating an almond orchard in Turkey. I hope you can find the information you want. Good reading.


Agricultural sector in Turkey

Agriculture in Turkey is an important sector with its contribution to employment, exports and national income. This sector is increasing day by day with the incentives made by the state, and accordingly the value of agricultural lands is increasing. According to 2019 data, Turkey is the tenth largest agricultural country with an export of 21 billion dollars and a production capacity of 70 billion dollars. Therefore, many investors tend to agricultural lands, both earning passive income and protecting their money against inflation.

Almond Farmland Investment

According to statistical data, investing in agricultural land in Turkey brings a passive income between 50% and 80% depending on the region. In addition to this, growing crops on the land you own allows you to earn a separate income. When various agricultural products are examined, it is seen that almonds, walnuts, pistachios and olives are among the most profitable agricultural products. The main reason for this is that the income earned is 30-40 times higher when compared to the products planted every year such as wheat and barley. In addition, as the trees you grow on your land grow, their yield increases and when the trees reach adulthood, the value of your land becomes much higher than the vacant land. For these reasons, investors are turning to long-lasting (perennial orchards) products. Among these products, almond orchards come first. Turkey is the 5th largest producer of almonds worldwide. However, Turkey's almond production cannot meet its domestic needs. According to 2019/2020 data, Turkey imports 80% almonds to meet the domestic market needs. An additional 15% customs duty is paid for imported almonds. In the light of these data, the title of our article is “How profitable is a almond farm?” Returning to his question, we can say that; It is very profitable to establish an almond farm in Turkey.


Establishing an almond orchard with Agrolidia


We talked about the benefits of purchasing agricultural land in Turkey. We also talked about the benefits of creating an almond orchard in Turkey. So what do you gain if you make this investment together with Agrolidya?

If you want to be a farmer yourself, of course, you can create your own garden. However, if you only want to invest and earn passive income, the company you are looking for is Agrolidya Tarım A.Ş.


What we do?


First, we choose the most suitable land for your investment.
We plant almond seedlings according to the most suitable planting distance.
We determine the water source for the land and install a modern drip irrigation system.
We do the necessary work for electricity and we assemble the power supply and solar panel for the needs of the land.
We protect the land from external effects by enclosing it with a wire fence.
We regularly continue professional garden maintenance services. (Pest and disease control, spraying, fertilizing, irrigation, pruning)
At harvest time, we harvest your crop.
We sell the harvested produce on your behalf and deposit your earnings into your account.
In the picture below, you can examine the sample investment analysis table of an almond orchard with a size of 10,000 m² by year. You can contact us for more information.


You can visit this page for more information.  https://investagrolidya.com/almond-farmland-investment