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How Much Does an Olive Field Investment Earn?

How Much Does an Olive Field Investment Earn?

The Olive is an agricultural product that can be used in numerous ways. It is widely used in areas from food to cosmetics, which ensures that the demand for Olives remains high. The high commercial value of Olive Oil, results in Olive cultivation being very profitable. So, how much can an Olive field investment earn?


Why Should An Olive Field Investment Be Made?

The Olive field is one of the most important agricultural investment options in Turkey today. Efficiently cultivated Olive fields can bring very high returns to investors. In addition, there are numerous other benefits as listed below:

• Very high efficiency

• The commercial life of Olive trees is more than 100 years.

• Trees reach their ideal productivity at 7+ years of age.

• There is no market shortage, due to continued high demand.

• The amortization period is short.


Olive Field Investment Profit

The earnings from an Olive field investment differ, according to the size of the land and the types of saplings planted. Due to these initial unknowns, it is difficult to give an accurate investment return forecast. However, a 10-acre Olive field has historically generated an annual income of more than $23,000 at peak productivity.

In order to gain the maximum level of profit specified, the process must be closely managed by our professionals. The maintenance of Olive trees, once planted, is of great importance. Operations such as irrigation, fertilization and pruning should be done regularly and correctly. A small mistake can take many years to be corrected and will effect the income of the Olive orchard.


How is an Olive Field Investment Made?

An Olive field investment is made by finding the right land and then establishing the olive garden. A fully qualified professional service is required to turn it into a profitable investment vehicle. We have been providing a successful professional garden management service for many years in this field.


Professional Olive Orchard Management Services

Firstly, we use our experience and expertise to undertake an extensive search to find the most suitable land. Once the ideal land is found, you purchase it and you own 100% of the title deeds. We then start the garden setup process quickly, by taking soil samples from different points on the land. They are analyzed prior to us selecting the most profitable seedlings. We then plant the seedlings in the most appropriate planting range. Careful maintenance follows for many years, before we finally sell the harvested products. We sell at guaranteed high prices and transfer the profits to you.


Thanks to our successful services, you are producing Olives and making an investment return without actively farming.