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Fear Inflation? Buy Farmland Through Agrolidya

Fear Inflation? Buy Farmland Through Agrolidya

Inflation is becoming a bigger economic threat every day. To protect your investments from this great threat, you should take the right steps and choose the right investment tools. In such a period, agricultural land draws attention as one of the most effective options. The agricultural lands you buy through Agrolidya not only protect your investment from inflation but also allow you to earn high profits.


Does Agricultural Land Investment Protect from Inflation?

Inflation can be summarized as an increase in the prices of products and services. With inflation rising to high levels, you now must pay more to maintain your living standards. In other words, the purchasing power of your money decreases. To avoid such a negative situation, investments should be made in instruments that protect against inflation.

Different investment options such as gold, stocks, crypto money, and commodities have been heavily preferred from the past to the present. However, in recent years, agricultural lands have started to attract attention as an important investment tool. Moreover, it is a well-known fact that it protects against inflation.

Agricultural lands have managed to appreciate more than inflation in almost every period. Looking at the data of the last 50 years, it will be seen that it is above inflation in every period. In this period, the value increase of agricultural lands in the USA is around 300%. In Turkey, this rate is much higher.

The fact that agricultural lands are an effective investment tool against inflation has recently caused them to be preferred by large investment funds.


Advantages of Buying Agricultural Land Through Agrolidya

When you invest in farmland, you have two different earning potentials. The first of these is the value of the land over time. The other is to obtain agricultural products by cultivating the land and to make a profit by selling them. For the second option, you need to actively farm or seek professional service. At this point, as Agrolidya, we step in and provide you with professional garden management services.

We establish walnut, almond, olive, or pistachio orchards on the agricultural lands you will purchase in Turkey. All these trees bear fruit of high commercial value. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to get the highest profit from your land.

Within the scope of Invest Agrolidya services, we enable you to purchase the land in a way that you fully own the land. Afterward, we build a garden from scratch and undertake the management of the garden for 15 years with the contract to be made. We take care of trees, watering, pruning, and fertilizing. We sell the products obtained with the best price guarantee and transfer the net profit to you.



Other advantages to be gained through Agrolidya include:

Passive Income

First, you will see that you will have a stable passive income. This income will range from $17,000 to $35,000 on average on a 1-hectare garden. When you choose a larger land, the amount of profit you will gain will increase directly.

Valuation of the Land

Another positive effect is related to the investment you will make for the land and garden establishment. After the establishment of the garden, the value of the land will increase significantly. In addition, the garden you own will be valued at a higher rate than the inflation rates each year.

• Portfolio Diversification

Agricultural lands, other investment instruments are not related. It also has low volatility and stable income. Because of these features, it is a special investment tool that will diversify your portfolio.

While it is very advantageous to buy agricultural land directly, agricultural land purchased through Agrolidya will meet your expectations at a very high level. You can contact us to take advantage of these advantages and protect your investments from inflation effectively.