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Can I Get Turkish Citizenship by Buying a House?

Can I Get Turkish Citizenship by Buying a House?

It is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment. For this, the conditions in the relevant law must be fulfilled and the investment must be made by the relevant provisions of the law. So, is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a house? We have compiled the answer to this question and other details about obtaining Turkish citizenship for you.


How to Get Turkish Citizenship by Buying a House?

One of the ways to get Turkish citizenship is to invest in real estate worth at least $250,000. When you invest in this size, you can apply for Turkish citizenship. However, there are some important details to be aware of at this point. These details can be listed as follows:
     • The value of the house to be purchased must be at least $400,000. In addition, the value of the house will be determined by an official valuation by experts authorized by the relevant government agency. In the report created after the valuation, the value of the house should be stated as at least $400,000.
     • The price of the purchased house has to be paid in advance. If the payment is made by a mortgage loan, the mortgage value is deducted from the determined value. The remaining amount must also be at least $400,000.
     • At the time of purchase, an annotation should be made on the title deed that the house will not be sold for at least 3 years.
These issues need to be considered in the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a house. If these are not provided, the application will be rejected directly.


What are the Other Ways of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship?

To obtain Turkish citizenship, there are different options other than buying a house worth $400,000. You can also get citizenship by opening an account in a Turkish bank and depositing at least $500,000. Apart from this, it will be enough to buy government bonds worth $ 500,000.
The requirement to invest $250,000 in real estate immediately brings home the option for many. However, this requirement is not limited to the home. Apart from this, you can also buy immovables such as land and agricultural land (field). Therefore, it should be known that this condition has different options.


The Most Logical Method of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

Different options are presented at the point of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment. You can choose the most suitable one for yourself from these options. Depending on your financial strength and expectations, one of the options may seem more logical to you. It would not be wrong to say that the most logical option may change depending on personal characteristics.
When the options are examined carefully, it can be stated that the agricultural land option is a little more remarkable. Some of the reasons for this are the fact that agricultural lands protect against inflation and the demand for agricultural products increases.

With the Agrolidya guarantee, you can buy agricultural land for Turkish citizenship and turn it into a profitable investment. We establish a walnut, almond, pistachio, or olive garden for you on the land you bought. We sell the harvested products with the best price guarantee and transfer the net profit to you. You can contact us for detailed information.

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