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Bill Gates considering investments in Turkey?

Bill Gates considering investments in Turkey?

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been making headlines in recent months for his extensive land purchases around the world. In Turkey, he is reportedly looking to invest in agricultural land. Some experts believe that Gates is looking to secure food supplies for the future, while others believe that he is simply looking to diversify his portfolio.

In the globalizing world, international companies invest in various regions of the world based on their geography and geopolitical importance. Turkey is a country where all four seasons are distinct and it offers prominent examples of both agriculture and industry, as well as agriculture-based industry. The geopolitical importance of Turkey also makes it easier to reach different regions of the world with the products produced there. Turkey stands out in the agricultural sector among other countries and provides opportunities for international companies to invest in agriculture. Turkey is also on the list of popular countries that offer many conveniences to foreign investors.


The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, is also investing in land in different parts of the world. It is claimed that Bill Gates, who buys land in areas suitable for agriculture, has also purchased land in Turkey. It is known that Bill Gates, who is believed to be investing heavily in areas that will be least affected by the upcoming global warming and climate crisis, has also met with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Turkey. It was reported that the meeting, which was confirmed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, discussed general projects. Additionally, it is claimed that Bill Gates has purchased approximately 56,000 acres of land in Turkey. It is noteworthy that these lands are particularly suitable for agriculture and are located near water sources. Although it is not known in what way the purchased lands will be evaluated, it is known that they were acquired for agricultural purposes.


While agricultural lands in many regions of Turkey are gaining value day by day, they also offer investors the opportunity to cover their costs. In recent years, investors have focused on high-yield products such as walnuts, almonds, and pistachios, and thus have been able to cover their costs. Both domestic and foreign investors prefer high-yield and low-cost products on the agricultural lands they purchase in Turkey.