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Almond Agricultural Land Investment in Turkey

Almond Agricultural Land Investment in Turkey

The Almond has a very high commercial value and has recently turned into a lucrative investment tool. Due to the low risk and high profit margin, investor interest in Almond agricultural lands has increased significantly in recent years.


Agriculture in Turkey

Turkey is one of the rare countries that is self-sufficient in terms of agricultural products. Moreover, the products it produces, are exported to approximately 190 countries. This is in addition to meeting our own domestic demand. The share of agricultural production in the Turkish GDP is increasing day by day.

Turkey is a leading country in agriculture investments due to our fertile soils, ideal climate for many crops and young workforce. Thanks to these three elements, agricultural production is achieved in a very efficient manner.


What is Badem Agricultural Land Investment?

An Almond agricultural land investment is established by purchasing suitable agricultural land within Turkey. However, investors do not need to actively farm, but instead let the professionals do all the work, while the investor reaps the rewards.

Established orchards begin to produce Almonds from the third year. Throughout this period, the orchard not only covers its own expenses, but also provides income to the investor. The income will then continue to rise in the following years.

With Almond agricultural land investments, investors gain high profits from the nuts they produce. In addition, they protect their investment against inflation, due to the increased value of the land purchased.


Advantages of Almond Agricultural Land Investments in Turkey

The Almond is a fruit used in different sectors, but especially in the food sector. Almond trees develop rapidly and begin to bear fruit from the 3rd year.The tree reaches peak growth at 7 years and has a high commercial value.

Turkey has fertile soil and the ideal climate for Almonds. Almonds cultivated here will be much more profitable than other countries. The proven high yield, means more product and higher profits. In addition, when we consider the initial low cost of the land investment in Turkey, it proves to be an ideal investment.

Another advantage for investment in Turkey, is our high domestic demand and proximity to other  markets. The Almonds can be sold in domestic markets, as well as other countries throughout Europe and the Middle East. In short, investors will never have problems selling the Almonds that are produced here.


How to Invest in Almond Agricultural Lands in Turkey?

You can benefit from professional Almond management services in Turkey. We will find you the most  suitable land for Almond cultivation and then support you through the sales process smoothly.

We are establishing an Almond orchard from scratch on your land. We provide the electricity needs with a solar energy system. The water needs will be provided by water extraction by drilling. All the planting, maintenance and crop harvesting of the saplings are done by us. We then sell the almonds with a high price guarantee and finally transfer the profits to you. We manage the whole process transparently and provide you with the necessary information throughout.  If you want to take advantage of an Almond farm investment in Turkey, you should contact us immediately.