Agricultural Land Prices in Turkey

Agricultural Land Prices in Turkey

Learn the average land prices in Turkey, information on agricultural land prices in Istanbul, Bursa and Manisa


Prices Of Agricultural Land In Turkey


Investment in agriculturalland is consideredto be one of thebestrealestateinvestments in Turkey, whileagriculture is because Turkey has a uniquegeographicallocationbetweenthecontinents of Europe and Asia. Parts of it arelocated on thecontinent of Europe and otherparts of thecontinent of Asia, as well as largeagriculturalareaswithfertilesoil and abundantwater, allservedwith a climateconducivetothecultivation of differenttypes of crops and fruits. Withtheabundance of highlyexperiencedlabor and reasonablewages, as well as theeasewithwhichtheagriculturalproductsaremanaged and thelawsgoverninginvestment in thissectorfacilitatedthroughoutallphases of thesector.



Averageprices of agriculturalland in Turkey

AgriculturallandPrices in Istanbul

Prices of agriculturalland in Bursa

Averageprices of agriculturalland in Turkey

Agricultural Lands forsale in Turkey

Since theinvestmentreturn on Turkey'sagriculturalland is consideredto be thesurest and mostprofitable, somuchsothatthepercentage of profits can crossthe 30% barrier. Someexpertsalsoassess, which has encouragedmanymoneymakers, investors and thoseseekingopportunitiestooperatetheirfunds in theveryimportant Turkish agriculturalsector as someexpertsassessed. This has encouragedmanymoneymakers, investors and thoseseekingopportunitiestooperatetheirfunds in theveryimportant Turkish agriculturalsector. Theywouldliketoknowmoreaboutthebenefits and specialfacilitiesthatthe Turkish Governmentwillofferthemiftheyown a propertyoragriculturalland. Forinstance; thepossibility of grantingthem a realestatepermit and thusallowingthemtoissue and establish a company, theopportunitytostudyfree of charge in Turkish educationalinstitutions and at alllevels, and thebenefit of universalhealthinsuranceavailabletoallmembers of thefamily of thelandlord.


Formoreinformation; werecommendyoutocontactwithourexpertteamtolearnmoreaboutAgriculturallandsforsale in Turkey


All of theaboveleads us toquestiontheprices of agriculturalland in Turkey, whichvaryaccordingtotheprovinces and regions, giventheotherfactorsaffecting: thequality of theland, itsproximitytowatersourcessuch as lakesorrivers, itsproximitytoordistancefromcitycenters, and otherfactors.


Agriculturalland, known in Turkey as Tarla, is dividedintotwosections, uncultivatedland and cultivatedland.


Accordingtosomeexperts, theprice of empty and uncultivatedlandstartsfrom $1.5 persqm, whilecultivatedlandincreases in priceonceitslocation and specificationsareupto $20 ormuchmore.


Checkouroffersforownership in Turkey'sAgricultural Lands.


Prices of agriculturalland in Istanbul

Agriculture Land Prices in Istanbul; As mentionedearlier, agriculturalinvestment in Turkey, in general, is consideredone of thebestproductivesectors of return and security, this is increasinglyemphasized in thecity of Istanbul. Inadditiontotheinvestmentencouragingfactorswementionedearlier, Istanbul is characterizedby a perfectlocationthatfacilitatesthedisposal of agriculturalcropsacrossallmeans of transport. Istanbul is considered a global node, and leadingprojects in variousfields in Istanbul contributetotheprosperity in theagriculturalsector, such as foodindustryprojects and others.


It is verynaturalthat Istanbul has highlandpricescomparedtoothercities and provinces. The reasonforthis is that it is theeconomic, tourist and historicalcapital of Turkey. Inrecentyears, it has attractedmanyinvestorsfromallcountries of theworld, reflectingtherise in agriculturalrealestateprices in Istanbul.

As an example of landpricesforagriculture in Istanbul, theprice of land in Silivri, west of Istanbul nearTekirdag, theprice is 350,000 Turkish lira in thearea of (1.000) squaremeters, equivalentto (350) Turkish lira permeter.


Manyinvestorsprefer Silivri because it is closetolarge-scaleprojects in Istanbul, thenewairport in Istanbul and thesecondcanalproject.


Agriculture Land Prices in Bursa

The city of Boursa is a distinctdestinationforinvestment in realestate in general, includingagriculturalrealestate. The city is nicknamedGreen Bursa, withitsvastcharminggreenspaces, itspleasantclimate, and itsalignmentwiththeSea of Marmara, and is consideredto be thefirst Turkish provincetoproduce and cultivatepeach.Recentlyinvestors buy Agricultural Lands in Bursa and makeinvestmenttowalnutfarmlands.


The price of land in Bursa is cheapcomparedtothat of Istanbul, Therearealsocheaperplacesthan Bursa. Especially Manisa Regionwhich has gotvery nice Agricultural Lands. İn Last 10 years time, Manyinvestorsinvested in WalnutFarmlands, AlmondFarmlands and PistachioFarmlands in theregion.

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