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Agricultural Land Prices in Turkey

Agricultural Land Prices in Turkey
Agricultural Land Prices in Turkey Learn The average land prices in Turkey, information on agricultural land prices in Istanbul, Bursa and Manisa

Learn the average land prices in Turkey, information on agricultural land prices in Istanbul, Bursa and Manisa 



Prices Of Agricultural Land In Turkey 



Investment in agricultural land is considered to be one of the best real estate investments in Turkey, while agriculture is because Turkey has a unique geographical location between the continents of Europe and Asia. Parts of it a relocated on the continent of Europe and other parts of the continent of Asia, as well as large agricultural area swith fertile soil and abundant water, all served with a climate conducive to the cultivation of different types of crops and fruits. With the abundance of high Ly experienced labor and reasonable wages, as well as the ease with which the agricultural products are managed and the laws governing investment in this sector facilitated throughout all phases of the sector. 






Average prices of agricultural land in Turkey 



Agricultural land Prices in Istanbul 



Prices of agricultural land in Bursa 



Averageprices of agriculturalland in Turkey 



Agricultural Lands for sale in Turkey 



Since the investment return on Turkey's agricultural land is considered to be the surest and most profitable, so much so that the percentage of profits can cross the 30% barrier. Some experts also assess, which has encouraged many money makers, investors and those seeking opport unities to operate their funds in the very important Turkish agricultural sector as some expertsassesse establish a company, the opport unity to study free of charge in Turkish education AL institutions and at all levels, and the benefit of universal heal thin surance available to all members of the family of the landlord. 



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All of the above leads us to question the prices of agricultural land in Turkey, which vary according to the provinces and regions, given the other factors affecting: the quality of the land, its proximity to waters our cessuch as lake Sor rivers, its proximity to or distance from city centers, and other factors. 



Agricultural land, known in Turkey as Tarla, is divided in to two sections, uncultivated land and cultivated land. 



According to some experts, the price of empty and uncultivated land starts from $1.5 persqm, while cultivated land increases in price on ceitslocation and specification sare up to $20 or much more. 



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Prices of agricultural land in Istanbul 



Agriculture Land Prices in Istanbul; As mentioned earlier, agricultural investment in Turkey, in general, is considered one of the best productive sectors of return and security, this is increasingly emphasized in the city of Istanbul. In addition to the investment encouraging factors, we mention Ed earlier, Istanbul is characterized by a perfect location that facilitates the disposal of agricultural crops across all means of transport. Istanbul is considered a global node, and leading projects in Vario us fields in Istanbul contribute to the prosperity in the agricultural sector, such as food industry projects and others. 



It is very natural that Istanbul has high land prices compared to the cities and provinces. The reason for this is that it is the economic, tourist and historical capital of Turkey. In recent years, it has attracted many investors from all countries of the world, reflecting the rise in agricultural real estate prices in Istanbul. 

As an example of land prices for agriculture in Istanbul, the price of land in Silivri, west of Istanbul near Tekirdag, the price is 350,000 Turkish lira in thea rea of (1.000) square meters, equivalent to (350) Turkish lira per meter. 



Many investors prefer Silivri because it is closeto large-scale projects in Istanbul, the new airport in Istanbul and the second canal project. 



Agriculture Land Prices in Bursa 



The city of Boursa is a distinct destination for investment in real estate in general, including agricultural real estate. The city is nick named Green Bursa, with its vast charming green spaces, its pleas ant climate, and its alignment with the Sea of Marmara, and is considered to be the first Turkish province to produce and cultivate peach. Recently investors buy Agricultural Lands in Bursa and make investment to walnut farmlands. 



The price of land in Bursa is cheap compared to that of Istanbul, Therea real so cheaper places than Bursa. Especially Manisa Region which has got very nice Agricultural Lands. İn Last 10 years time, Manyinvestorsinvested in Walnut Farmlands, Almond Farmlands and Pistachio Farmlands in the region.