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5 Reasons Why Walnut Farms Are A Good Investment In Turkey

5 Reasons Why Walnut Farms Are A Good Investment In Turkey

Since the pandemic, it has become almost impossible to make predictions in terms of investment vehicles. Therefore, alternative investment options should be on your radar. Unconventional investment options have proved very advantageous, hence Walnut farms investments have drawn much attention in recent years.

It is becoming more common to prefer agricultural products as an investment tool. Walnut investments, which have a high commercial value, are one of the vehicles in high demand. The advantages of a professional Walnut farm investment are listed below.

1. Always in High Demand

Agricultural products are produced to meet the nutritional needs of people. Even in the most difficult times, consumers still require food. This results in the continuing demand for agricultural products.

The Walnut fruit demand has increased significantly in recent years. Although Turkey is the fourth highest Walnut producer in the world, we still need to import Walnuts to meet our own demand. Therefore, when you invest in Walnut land in Turkey, you can very easily and quickly sell your products in the domestic market.

2. Low Volatility

A key issue to consider when choosing an investment vehicle is the volatility. The lower the volatility, the lower the associated risk of that investment. Walnut farms are deemed to be a low volatile investment.

When comparing the volatility of the stock market, or US 10-year bonds, a Walnut farm is a low risk investment. For example, S&P 500 volatility is around 20% on average, while volatility in 10-year bonds is around 5%. On the other hand, the volatility of agricultural land investments is less than 5%.

3. Stable Income

Investing in Walnut farms in Turkey allows you to earn a stable income. At the beginning of the process, you know how much investment you will make and how much the return will be. Therefore, there is no risk attached to your investment. Moreover, thanks to agricultural insurance, your income is guaranteed, even if there is product loss due to seasonal reasons.

4. Portfolio Diversity

Ensuring portfolio diversity is the most effective way to reduce investment risk. A mixed basket of the right investment tools should be created. With a high percentage of investment vehicles in your basket, you will not create the desired result. Therefore, you should add agricultural investments to your portfolio.

5. Effective Inflation Protection

Walnut farm investments provide protection from the effects of Inflation. Agricultural land has increased in value 3 times on average in the last 20 years. This proves it is one of the most effective tools to avoid inflation.

Walnut farms in Turkey are a very cost effective and generous, income producing investment tool. In order to benefit from such an advantageous and profitable investment, please contact us immediately, to receive more detailed information on the subject.