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4 Reasons to Invest in Agriculture in Turkey

4 Reasons to Invest in Agriculture in Turkey
In recent years, agricultural investments have gained a lot of interest from investors.Turkey is widely regarded as a great country for agricultural investments

In recent years, agricultural investments have gained a lot of interest from personal investors. They have recognized the fantastic opportunities in the agricultural sector, in particular the potential to generate an income. In addition, Turkey is widely regarded as a great country for agricultural investments, as highlighted in the list below:



1. High Agricultural Demand

It is a well known fact that many agricultural lands were taken over by large construction companies in recent years. This resulted in a decrease of agricultural produce being grown. However, as the world population continues to rises at a rapid rate, the demand for agricultural products has increased.


With a population of over 80 million, Turkey is one of the countries with a high agricultural demand. So much so, Turkey cannot currently meet their own domestic agricultural demand. Therefore, Turkey still imports many agricultural products annually. The high agricultural demand that we are experiencing, means that products obtained as a result of agricultural investments, can be easily sold at a high price.


2. Inflation and Earnings

Inflation throughout the world has increased dramatically since the start of the global pandemic. This increase poses a serious threat to many sectors. The reduction in value of investments due to high inflation is a great concern for many people. For this reason, it is imperative that investors choose the most lucrative and efficient investment options available.


Recent history shows, that agricultural land investments in Turkey have gained more in value than the inflation rate in every period. When we consider the increase in agricultural produce demand, with the decrease in agricultural land, it stands to reason that agricultural investments will continue to flourish in the coming years.


3. Affordable Cost

While it is possible to invest in agriculture land in many countries, Turkey stands out due to the affordable initial investment costs. Purchasing agricultural land in Turkey is more affordable than many other countries. One of the main reasons for this situation, is that the Turkish Lira is weak when compared to the Dollar and the Euro.


4. Stable Income

Agricultural lands have proven to be stable investment tools. The risks are much lower than many other investment instruments. Investors will know how much they are going to invest and how much income will be generated each year. Once the agricultural gardens are established and the investors income stream begins, there will be no significant change in the future.  


If you are looking for an exciting investment in agricultural land in Turkey, Agriolidya are ready to help you get started. The services we offer include: locating the ideal land, establishing a professional orchard, maintaining the trees and selling the harvested produce on your behalf. Once the produce have been sold, we will pass the proceeds to you. 


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