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Is Almond Tree Farming Profitable?

Is Almond Tree Farming Profitable?

Almond tree cultivation has become one of the most important investment options of the last period with the advantages it provides. Reasons such as the high commercial value of almonds, its use in different areas, and high demand make almond tree cultivation attractive. So, is almond tree cultivation profitable? Is it the right investment? We have compiled the answers to these questions and other questions about almond cultivation for you.


Is Almond Tree Cultivation a Good Investment?

Almond is a fruit used in different fields, especially dried nuts. Its commercial value is high. This situation causes almond tree cultivation to be thought to be profitable. Yes, you can achieve high-profit rates with almond tree cultivation. However, for this, the whole process must be managed by professionals.

You can achieve high profitability in this field with the professional garden management services provided by Invest Agrolidya. The investment you will make with the right sapling ion and professional care will meet your expectations at the highest level.

One of the most important advantages of agricultural investments is that they do not melt in the face of inflation. Agricultural land has always appreciated more than inflation. In today's world, inflation has become a serious problem, you can protect your investments with almond tree cultivation.

Almond cultivation is a long-lasting investment. It allows you to earn regular profits every year after the initial cost. In addition, the value of your almond orchard increases constantly. For these reasons alone, it can be said that almond cultivation is a good investment.


How Much Does It Cost to Establish an Almond Orchard?

The cost of setting up an almond orchard will vary depending on the size of the land and how professionally it is done. The cost of setting up a 10-decare almond orchard that is ready with everything professionally is around $75,000 on average.

The figure given here does not only cover planting seedlings and fencing the garden. Apart from this, it also covers operations such as the establishment of the irrigation system and the supply of electricity with solar panels. In short, all the operations that should be in a garden are included in this cost.


How Much Does Almond Orchard Earn?

One of the questions is how much almond tree cultivation will earn after the investment. Almond orchards are long-term investments. The seedlings start to produce only 4 years after planting. However, they must be 6-9 years old to reach high productivity. In a 1-hectare garden and your net income will be around $10,500 when your trees are 6 years old.


When your trees reach high productivity, that is, when they are 9 years old, the income you will get from your garden will be around $ 18,000 on average. After this stage, you will earn an average of this level every year. Thanks to Invest Agrolidya professional management services, the volatility in your earnings will be very low.


Why should I invest with Invest Agrolidya?

Invest Agrolidya establishes and manages professional almond orchards for you. In this process, we provide suitable lands for almond trees. The title deed of the land is 100% owned by you. Afterward, we determine the most suitable almond type for the land with soil analysis. The planting of the saplings and their maintenance in the following processes are also done by us. We harvest the products, sell them, and pass the net profit to you.

Thanks to the professional garden management service we have provided, you are only investing and not dealing with farming issues. Apart from this, other advantages we offer you are as follows:

• We follow the whole process with a team who are experts in their field.

• We produce quality products and sell them at the best price.

• We do not charge for garden maintenance until the first harvest.

You can contact us to catch such advantages and to benefit from Invest Agrolidya garden management services.