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How profitable is a olive farm

How profitable is a olive farm

Analyzing the ROI of farmland investment from past to present, it is seen that it is unrelated to traditional assets and securities such as stocks, bonds, real estate, lumber and even short-term agricultural commodity prices.  Accordingly, including agricultural lands in your portfolio increases your portfolio diversity and provides a strong protection against inflation.  Also, farmland has delivered a higher average annual return than most asset classes over the past 30 years (1992-2021).


Agricultural Land Investment in Turkey

Investing in agricultural land in Turkey is seen as investing in the future.  While there will be high increases in the value of the agricultural land in the long run, you can make extraordinary profits with the trees with high return potential such as olives, almonds, walnuts and pistachios that you will plant on the land.  In addition, investing in agricultural land in Turkey is not as complicated as other investments and is quite simple.

Foreign investors can have Turkish citizenship with a minimum of 250,000 USD.  For more information on this subject, you can contact our expert team.

Olive Land Gardens and Land Investment in Turkey

Agriculture in Turkey makes an important contribution to the growth of the country's economy.  Turkey is suitable for agriculture due to its ecological location.  Therefore, it is at the forefront in terms of agricultural production.  It is one of the countries preferred by foreign investors for land investment, especially olive land groves.

How profitable is the olive orchard in Turkey?

You must choose a suitable land for your olive garden to gain high profits.  That the land you will choose is suitable for olive cultivation should be approved by agricultural engineers with soil analyzes and other analyzes.  If your land is suitable for olive cultivation, it should be determined which type of olive sapling will be planted.  After all these are done, your olive garden will reach maximum efficiency with professional care.  Finally, the net profit you will get at the harvest time will be at least 25%.


Professional Olive Orchard Management Service with Invest Agrolidya

If you do not intend to become a farmer and want to establish an olive farm in Turkey and earn the most passive income, Invest Agrolidya does all these transactions on your behalf.
We determine the most suitable lands for the olive garden and prepare them for sale.  After the sale, the ownership of the land passes to you 100%  From the moment we mutually sign our professional garden maintenance contract, our first job is to make your land ready for planting olive trees.  When the climatic conditions are suitable, we plant olive saplings in the field.  We surround your land with a wire fence to protect the seedlings from external factors.  We install the professional drip irrigation system.  We make solar energy panels and power batteries ready to get the electricity you need for your land.  During our contract period, we carry out all the operations of your land such as fertilization, irrigation, maintenance and pruning of your trees, spraying, pest control.  When the harvest time comes, we collect your olives.  We sell your collected olives on your behalf and deposit your earnings into your account.  You can examine the sample average production table by years below.  For more information, you can visit this link or contact us.